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IEX TotalView hosted solution - Smartsync Suite
Contact centres require efficient and uncomplicated processes to manage their demanding environments. However, with disconnected systems and processes, contact centre managers have to contend with many issues. SmartSync provides the solutions to help overcome these challenges.

SmartSync connects IEX TotalView with your ACDs. The advanced SmartSync Suite feature also enables communication with a multitude of other contact centre systems.

Advanced, Trouble-Free Integrations
Other workforce management systems use simple database access technologies to share data. However, when these systems are upgraded to a newer version these interfaces often stop working because the underlying database table structures have changed. When this happens, costly maintenance is required in addition to unexpected downtime. Downtime for interfaces to critical systems like payroll can create serious issues for management. The SmartSync Suite provides advanced interfaces that are insulated from IEX TotalView database-table structures, resulting in integrations that are free from costly maintenance and downtime.

Eliminate Redundant Data-Entry Tasks
Agent information must be entered into multiple systems in a contact centre. The agent data may include skill assignments, work rules, personnel data and similar data. Agent information must be entered into many systems including ACD, workforce management, payroll, HR, quality monitoring, eLearning and analytics. These repetitive data-entry tasks can require a significant amount of work to keep all systems up to date. SmartSync Suite allows IEX TotalView agent information to be synchronised with other systems, saving time and money.

Select Best-in-Class Solutions
SmartSync Suite allows you to select best-in-class solutions across the various contact centre technologies without the worry of integration challenges. Best-in-class solutions free you from limited "suite" products with basic features, and from being locked into solutions from a single vendor.

Interfaces for New Multimedia Contact Routers
SmartSync has a built-in ability to interface with new multimedia contact routing systems. This feature means that IEX TotalView can collect historical data from new media channels without additional development, allowing you to deploy new media channels easily.

Require Fewer Interfaces to Other Systems
The wealth of data in the IEX TotalView system can reduce the need and expense of developing interfaces to multiple systems. For example, an agent scorecard application could get agent statistics from the ACD, agent seniority from the HR system and schedule adherence information from a workforce management system. SmartSync Suite provides all the necessary data with a single interface to IEX TotalView instead of multiple integrations with other systems.

Calculated Data Export
SmartSync Suite provides exports of calculated data like schedule adherence for agent scorecards, summarised schedule time for payroll and forecasted staffing levels for performance analysis. By exporting calculated data, SmartSync Suite simplifies the work needed to connect to other systems.

Configurable Data Export
SmartSync Suite can export and import data files that are configurable in various ways. Dates and times can be exported in various international formats. The data that is exported is selectable and you can determine if data is exported for all entities in a single file or multiple files.

Up-to-Date Data
With disconnected systems it is difficult to make timely and accurate decisions. By connecting IEX TotalView to other contact centre systems SmartSync Suite solves these challenges. For example, suppose an eLearning system is being used. The eLearning system monitors the ACD queues and cancels learning sessions if service level is in jeopardy. Then, the eLearning system can update IEX TotalView schedules so that the intraday managers have an accurate count of staff, accurate service level projections and accurate real-time schedule adherence. These updates keep management from overreacting, as the eLearning system has already cancelled some off phone activity to help remedy the situation.

Automated Schedule Changes via IVR
Increasingly companies are automating some schedule change tasks by using IVR applications. These applications allow agents to call in late or sick. With SmartSync Suite you can make controlled changes to schedules using data from an IVR application.

Connect Multiple Systems for Advanced Workforce management
SmartSync Suite connects multiple contact centre and enterprise systems to create the most streamlined and paperless processes, saving time and money. The possibilities are endless.

Here is one example scenario. An agent calls in to report that she will be one hour late:
  • The employee attendance IVR receives the call and sends the information via SmartSync Suite to IEX TotalView.
  • The agent's schedule is updated within IEX TotalView and the updated schedule is automatically sent to the:
    • (a) workforce planner's IEX TotalView workstation, and service level is automatically re-forecasted.
    • (b) intraday manager's IEX TotalView workstation, and breaks are adjusted to cover the tardy agent.
    • (c) adherence manager's IEX TotalView workstation, to update the real-time adherence screen.
    • (d) ScheduleViewer of the supervisor who manages the tardy agent.
    • (e) agent's performance scorecard for tardy tracking.
    • (f) payroll system.
  • When the agent logs into ScheduleViewer, she sees her updated schedule.
With the SmartSync Suite management is now able to make an informed staffing decision. The agent's supervisor is notified. Adherence, scorecard, and payroll reporting are timely and accurate.