QPC Overview

Flexible and resilient, QPC has maintained our place within the heart of the contact centre industry.

“Our Service Challenge is to fully understand Your Service Challenge.”

QPC has many years of experience assessing, recommending and implementing change within customer service environments. We believe that fully understanding your goals and challenges is key to a successful partnership to guide alignment of new and existing people, processes and technologies to fulfill your Customer Interaction Strategy.

QPC was founded in 2002 following the merger of Callscan and Quality Plus, both of whom shared a common heritage in providing world class contact centre solutions dating as far back as 1981.

Today QPC is a global group with offices in the United Kingdom (Head Office), Sweden, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, North America and Australia.

Throughout QPC’s existence we have offered both technology solutions and education services to the global contact centre industry. Our focus has been and remains on delivering our customers with services and solutions that improve their engagement with their customers. This is achieved through a focus on voice & multimedia platforms, performance management, resource management, quality management, customer analytics, consulting and education services.


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