Contact Centre Resource Manager’s Golden Rule for Success


The success of your Resource Management Team should not be measured by the accuracy of forecasts, the precision of schedules, the timeliness of change response, nor comprehensiveness of reports alone. The ultimate measure of your Team’s success can only be found in the contribution these outputs make to the quality of decisions your Stakeholders make.

Stakeholder comprehension provides the understanding of your work, while stakeholder confidence creates the conviction to use your work to make decisions, and drive contact centre performance improvement. Comprehension and confidence can only be achieved through effective resource management communication.

For some Resource Management Teams effective stakeholder communication does not come easily. However, it is an aspect of Resource Management performance that must be addressed if high performance is your Team’s objective.  With this goal in mind, I offer you my five best tips for establishing and maintaining effective Stakeholder communications.

  1. Daily Reporting
    Whether you use a Daily Update Report or a quick 10:30am Pulse Check, daily reporting that is brief, relevant, insightful, and inviting can provide a great way to connect with your Stakeholders. Frequent and valued advice offers the most effective means to create the conversations needed to establish Stakeholder confidence.
  2.  Resource Management Meeting
    On a weekly or bi-weekly basis a Resource Management Meeting with key Stakeholders offers the perfect opportunity to share and discuss resource management challenges and opportunities. This meeting provides the ideal opportunity to ensure your Team’s work is understood by operational Stakeholders, while offering the chance to work in partnership with your interdependent peers in Recruitment, Training, Marketing, and Continuous Improvement to create a holistic resource management solution.
  3. Resource Management System
    The resource management system your Team uses can make a significant difference to your Stakeholder’s engagement. If the opportunity arises, make sure the resource management system you implement intuitively extends resource management to your Stakeholders. Agents, Team Leaders, Centre Managers, and other supporting roles within your Reporting, Quality, Human Resources, Finance, and Voice Services Teams should all be able to interact directly with your resource management system in a meaningful way. Obviously I’m biased in my opinion, but the Teleopti WFM Workforce Management Solution is a great example of an inclusive and intuitive resource management system.
  4. Key Performance Indicators
    The right Key Performance Indicators can make a huge difference to how your Stakeholders perceive the value of your Team. Measures that are introspective to your Team’s operations (forecast accuracy and schedule efficiency) are necessary to control the quality of work produced, but inclusion of measures valued by Stakeholders (service level, cost per call, and cost per sale) demonstrate the commitment of your Team’s support to their Stakeholder’s success.
  5. Continuous Improvement
    Whenever you consider a resource management process, or report, use the opportunity to engage with your stakeholders for their thoughts and opinions, and most importantly make sure you act on their feedback. There is no point asking for advice unless you’re prepared to listen. If your stakeholders have contributed to shaping the outputs of your Team, they are far more likely to use the outputs of your Team. Few moments are sweeter in a Resource Manager’s career than the first time a Stakeholder refers to Our instead of Your forecast!

Accurate forecasts, precise schedules, timely tracking, and comprehensive reporting are the foundation outputs of a high performance Resource Management Team. But it is in the confidence of your stakeholders to use these tools in making decisions and driving performance improvement that you can best measure the success of your Resource Management Team.

Exceptional contact centre resource management can only come with effective stakeholder communication!

Jason Metcalfe, QPC Solutions Manager