Just when you thought the Government couldn’t help …


A core aspiration of the Victorian Government, and the public service that supports it, is to deliver a healthy economy. Many positive outcomes flow from that aspiration in terms of community wealth creation, investment, employment growth and export expansion.

The Department of Business and Innovation (Department State Development) supports a strong ICT (Information & Communications Technology) focus as a key platform in that aspiration and accordingly has developed a range of support services and financial assistance programs that encourage research and development, technology innovation, skills assistance, transformational change and collaborative partnerships.

We encourage enterprises like QPC, not only in their own pursuit of innovation and R&D hardware and software application development, but also the potential consumers of these transformational technologies in terms of the benefits they may deliver.

We promote transformation that delivers greater productivity and process efficiencies with cost down benefits, because it is these outcomes that deliver competitiveness and profitability, the foundation of a strong economy.

How may the Victorian Government help you?

Is it a feasibility study grant that you undertake to assess the impact of a technology, a review of your energy efficiency or how you manage materials operation and logistics?

Is it a student accelerator grant, that provides cost and university graduate resource fulfilment for projects, is it a grant that supports a technology pilot or proof of concept trial. Do you need assistance to implement these findings?

Are you looking to develop an innovative technology solution with other partners through Government financially supported collaboration initiatives?

Are you ready to export to global markets and need support and assistance in establishing new channels to market or supplier to consumer connections?

The Department of Business and Innovation has over 16 offices worldwide that can provide meeting facilities, interpreters, match making and effective trade support for companies ready to take that next step.

The Department of Business and Innovation through its business development advocacy group have approximately 80 Victorian-based business advocates whose role is to understand your business, challenges and opportunities and to present, communicate and facilitate information to you in an effective and informed manner, so that it may make a difference to the development and expansion of goals of your business.

The Victorian Government also regularly hosts or coordinates business events and networking functions typically in vertical market themes, providing key messages and information to small and medium enterprise, ensuring that business owners are up to date with the latest data and trends in Australian and global markets. Click here to gain access to these events.

This site is completely searchable and is valuable tool for enterprises wishing to learn or network in order to improve business capability or to leverage for business expansion.

Lastly, Business Victoria operates an extremely informative website for enterprise across diverse topics as; Industry Information, Grants and Assistance, Permits, Licenses and Registrations, Business Contacts and Advisors, and Tips and Case Studies.

Our slogan is Big Help for Small Business, and we encourage enterprises to engage with Government through Dept. State Development – Department of Business and Innovation and its group of Business Development Advocates.

Please contact me at any convenient time for assistance directly or through one of my colleagues.

Gary Lowe
State Development – Dept. Business & Innovation