Teleopti and QPC partner to help businesses dramatically improve service performance across their enterprise

QPC and Teleopti today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership that has enabled the creation of an enterprise-wide desktop analytics, advanced management information and workforce management solution. Using QPC’s Management Information Gateway (MIG) and Teleopti’s CCC workforce management system, the combined solution will enable organisations to improve customer service whilst reducing operating costs by accurately matching staff to work demand, increasing individual productivity and refining business processes.

The new solution will not only allow enterprises to better manage calls but also previously unmeasured work types such as web chats, email and ‘back office’ tasks like form processing and white mail.

Over the past 15 years Teleopti has established itself as a leader in contact centre workforce management with accurate forecasting, advanced scheduling, reporting and powerful intraday management tools. Speaking about the new combined solution Olle Düring, CEO of Teleopti, says; “Working with QPC we are able to refine our enterprise-wide offering with accurate information from back office and other non-voice channels. The partnership will satisfy the considerable demand for our proven technologies within additional areas of a business and allow our customers to optimise more parts of their customer service enterprises.”

QPC and the MIG have long been recognised as being able to provide more accurate reporting and exceptional data for performance and workforce management from calls and multimedia contacts. Using the QPC MIG, with QPC’s Office Management Solutions, organisations can now get unparalleled operational and customer insight by gathering data from desktops and systems right across their operation, and creating an enterprise wide advanced management information system for work and contact alike.

Commenting on why the solution is better addressing market needs Gary Dawson, Managing Director at QPC, remarks; “The combined solution is based on a tried and trusted method, preparing better information with the QPC MIG and using this within Teleopti CCC. Businesses can also use the QPC Desktop Connect advanced desktop activity tracking and integration tool that works with a bigger range of applications on anything from Terminal Emulators to Citrix and Windows. It’s easier to setup than many other competing solutions and the result is that organisations can better manage more parts of their enterprise and speed up implementation.”

About Teleopti
Teleopti is a leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce Management as well as Telecom Expense Management. The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions with a strong customer focus. Hundreds of enterprises around the world rely on solutions from Teleopti to attain optimal operational efficiency and provide the highest levels of service. Teleopti, established in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992 operates through a comprehensive network of partners.

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