QPC Products

QPC’s mission is to be our customer’s partner of choice for contact centre solutions by understanding their challenges, and responding to those challenges with empowering education and dependable and innovative technology. Our focus is on consultative delivery of industry leading products designed specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by contact centres.

QPC Advantage

Improve customer experience, identify and halve unnecessary contacts with QPC Advantage. QPC Advantage will enable you to gain the deeper understanding of the “why” without the need to replace or undo all the work you’ve done to date. QPC Advantage solution is complimentary to your existing VoC software & strategy but crucially provides you with the missing link you seek today.
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QPC Desktop

Collect and report information and triggers from any agent desktop application for better individual performance management, business process optimisation and to easily overcome issues with server side system integration.
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OpenText Explore

OpenText Explore is the only market offering that consolidates all customer interactions – direct or indirect, structured or unstructured, to identify patterns in customer behaviour. It is easy to find something when you know what to look for, but when you don’t, OpenText is the only solution that can uncover those discovery blind spots.
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OpenText Qfiniti

OpenText Qfiniti is a recording solution that incorporates the advanced tools needed in today’s customer service centres. Through a single platform, OpenText Qfiniti can record all calls for compliance management or selectively capture voice and desktop activity for quality assurance. The platform also includes built-in coaching, real-time agent assistance, evaluation, survey, and training modules.
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QPC WFM Training & Development

Regardless of whether you are new to workforce management, or a seasoned professional, QPC offer a range of training and development courses that build upon your resource management knowledge. Training courses offered include:

  • WFM Fundamentals
  • WFM Intraday
  • WFM Scheduling
  • WFM Forecasting
  • WFM Advanced

to develop your skills in to run effective contact centre workforce management teams

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Genesys PureConnect

A single, fully-integrated software solution for the contact centre.
Customers expect nothing less than service excellence when they contact you. In fact, they deserve the most efficient and knowledgeable experience you can give them. With Genesys PureConnect, powered by Customer Interaction Centre® (CIC), you deliver an exceptional experience to every customer you serve.
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QPC Consulting

QPC has a long and successful history of delivering best of breed workforce management systems, and the training and consultancy needed to ensure organisations can leverage the customer service and operational efficiency benefits workforce management principles and automated workforce management systems can deliver.

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Teleopti WFM is the Workforce Management solution that encompasses everything needed to plan and successfully manage your contact centre, back office, branch or store. Our feature-rich solution includes tools to manage your staff, accurately forecast demand; and automatically schedule, report, and improve your operations! Other options exist to further tailor Teleopti WFM to your needs.
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