Helping you deliver in the moments that matter for your customers

Customer service can be complex. But, the tools you use shouldn’t be. When customers call, chat, email or text, the right contact centre solution makes it easy to communicate with them and deliver a great customer experience.

The Genesys™ PureCloud™ platform was built from the ground up to leverage the true power and vast benefits of the cloud. It captures and consolidates customer conversations in one place, making it easy for you to spot trends, collaborate across teams and solve problems. Give your business a complete customer engagement and communication solution so you can provide a great customer experience and better engage your employees.

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Solutions for service, marketing and sales

Get up and running fast for long-term benefits

Easy to deploy, Easy to use

An intuitive interface enables fast account setup and seamless integration with existing systems. No complicated training needed.

The power to grow

The PureCloud platform gives you a flexible environment that instantly scales to meet peak demands. Meet evolving customer demands with continuous feature and capability updates.

Understand what’s happening

Interactive dashboards give you a consolidated view of customers, call centre agents and interactions—across all channels and locations. Reap the benefits of proactive contact centre analytics and insights.

Manage your people and systems

The intuitive analytics in the PureCloud platform empower you with insights from high-level summaries down to customised and detailed views. Leverage these tools to develop and make the most of each employee.

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Learn how we QPC can help you deliver in the moments that matter for your customers

A flexible, all-in-one platform that meets your needs

The demands of customer service change constantly. Customers want to engage in the channel that best suits their preferences. And for today’s customer, good service isn’t just nice to have it’s essential. To give those customers the experience that they want takes a flexible and reliable contact centre platform.

The Genesys PureConnect™ platform is the only true, all-in-one omnichannel contact centre and communications solution recognised as a leader in both cloud and on-premises markets. Get the richest set of capabilities—built from the ground up—to be certain that you’re operating with maximum reliability, flexibility and control.

Genesys PureConnect, powered by Customer Interaction Centre® (CIC), delivers an all-in-one solution that unifies communications, information, and business processes throughout your organisation. This is made possible by an open standards IP communications platform and pre-integrated application suite developed specially for the demands of today’s multi-channel contact centre. QPC specialises in the delivery of Genesys PureConnect as a cloud or premise based solution, and the operation of Genesys PureConnect as a supported or managed service.

A flexible, all-in-one platform meets your needs

Get up and running fast for long-term benefits

All in one platform

All-in-one platform. Centralise multichannel processing and inbound/outbound blending as well as system configuration, administration and reporting.

Scalable All-software architecture

Eliminate costly voice boards and multiple points of failure, makes rip and replace a thing of the past, and makes disaster recovery and multi-site location independence inherent. Incremental application licensing makes it easy to meet growth needs.

Business Process Automation

Automate critical business processes using Genesys PureConnect’s communications capabilities to capture, prioritise, route, escalate, and track each step of a work process. By keeping processes moving and participants communicating, work gets completed faster and more accurately.

Cost-effective Multichannel customer service

Calls, faxes, email, web chat, SMS, online forms, social media. Genesys PureConnect handles all types of communications the same way for service that’s both consistent and responsive. Monitoring and end-to-end reporting ensure quality across all channels.

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Learn how we QPC can help you deliver in the moments that matter for your customers

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