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Automate the identification, scoring and tracking of agent behaviors and customer experiences in all recorded calls using advanced speech analytics.

Using random sampling of recorded calls to conduct one-on-one agent coaching has long served as
an effective method to improve contact center performance. For reporting purposes however, the number of reviewed calls is extremely small and therefore cannot include every type of interaction. This traditional quality assurance (QA) model cannot represent a statistically valid sample set necessary for consistent and accurate scoring. To rely on just a few interactions among thousands invariably falls short of serving as a balanced measure for employee performance and/or compensation reviews. More significantly, when used to make business-critical decisions, random call sampling potentially results in even greater shortcomings both within and beyond the contact center.

Measure agentand customer behaviors with unprecedented accuracy and in real time across all voice interactions
Leverage unparalleled flexibility to define behaviors and uncover their impact within specific business contexts
Calibrate and tune scoring models within minutes instead of days
Improve scoring outcomes using built-in capabilities to train the speech recognition process


Automatically Measure Agent Script Adherence and Skills Proficiency

Qfiniti AutoScore can automatically measure script adherence and degrees of skills proficiency across all recorded customer calls and apply consistent performance standards to the entirety of these voice interactions in a highly calibrated manner. Script and skills standards can be customized per project, line of business or agent group, or can be configured to measure all agents against a universal standard.
AutoScore supplements traditional QA efforts and deploys measurement against an unlimited number of customer voice interactions. This supplemental information can potentially facilitate shorter manual score cards and shorter coaching discussions.

Augment Customer Experience Measurement

Because today’s customers are more connected than ever to one another, they have come to expect exceptional service and are eager to share their opinions with others. For this reason, customer experience (CX) measurement is a contact center imperative for three primary reasons:

  1. Organizational engagement: Contact centers with a structured means of collecting customer information are better able to inform the organization regarding the needs and values of the customer.
  2. Customer satisfaction: Customer experience measurement provides a more efficient means of assessing satisfaction drivers so that efforts can be focused on improving the customer experience.
  3. Program effectiveness: Consistent customer experience scoring provides the means to effectively measure the success of ongoing improvement initiatives.

Qfiniti AutoScore can monitor language used by your customers during all recorded interactions and can automate the assignment of a customer satisfaction score to words that convey satisfaction, frustration, or even the indication that a customer might be likely to stop doing business with your company.

Benefit From a Powerful Measurement Process

Qfiniti AutoScore provides significant visibility into contact center performance with additional insights not available through traditional measurement methods. This unique measurement process is easy to configure and highly flexible to meet a variety of business needs.

  1. User-configured lexicons: Create lists of words and phrases which, when spoken by the agent or customer, indicate that a specific performance or CX objective has been completely, partially or not at all met.
  2. Flexible scoring model: Configure how the use of word groups spoken by the agent or customer will affect the score of each call for that category.
  3. User-defined call selection: Define any group of calls to measure using criteria determined for the category.
  4. Open analytics configuration: Validate results and quickly tune the measurement engine to ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy.
  5. Advanced filtering: View scored results for all calls by team, agent, site, type of call, line of business, or etc.

Leverage Analytics-Enabled Scoring for Rapid ROI

Using advanced pattern-matching analytics to quantify and cate- gorize language used by agents and customers in real time and at big data scale, Qfiniti AutoScore enables contact centers to achieve four common contact center objectives:

  1. Reduce operating expenses
  2. Provide outstanding customer experiences
  3. Increase revenue
  4. Reduce customer churn

Although it is sometimes difficult to estimate ROI savings and incremental revenue potential, contact center leaders under- stand the hidden costs of script non-compliance, such as lost sales opportunities, increased errors, and misunderstandings on the part of the customer or the agent. In many regulated verticals and BPO deployments, companies face financial penalties and increased legal exposure due to script non- compliance. Instead of relying on a time-consuming manual process to deliver an inadequate number of non-compliance notifications, AutoScore enables real-time notifications for all recorded voice interactions, potentially resulting in a higher, more rapid return on your investment.

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