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Agent training is a critical element of any successful customer contact centre. But giving agents the information they need to do their jobs can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive—and information is only part of the answer.

To be truly effective, training initiatives should help agents acquire and retain value-based knowledge. At the same time, agents should be able to review existing content in training and reference materials while on a call or any other customer interaction. With OpenText’s Expert module, your contact centre workforce benefits from these capabilities and more.

Expert is a powerful eLearning module that automates agent education through targeted intelligent delivery of online training programs. It provides the tools needed to build skills and knowledge, enhance agent performance, and improve agent retention and productivity. In addition, this module delivers a powerful integrated search engine that allows content to be referenced and searched—even after training is completed. By making these search tools and eLearning exercises readily available, agent performance and overall service levels continually improve.

Desktop delivery – Delivers content directly to the desktop so training courses can be taken anytime, anywhere
Qfiniti integration – Delivers content alongside reviewed recordings and agent evaluations for online coaching and feedback
Streamlined deployment – Highly-integrated modular suite streamlines the deployment of complex training programs to numerous participants and/or multiple locations
Content import – Complements existing training programs through compliance and integration with industry-leading training and development applications
Prioritized learning – Targets information to agents, based on priority, to guide them through self-paced eLearning
Online search – Gives agents immediate access to training materials while on the job

Accessible and economical training

Expert interacts seamlessly with the entire OpenText Qfiniti modular product suite. Administrators publish, review, and track courses within the integrated OpenText Qfiniti user interface. At the same time, agents review courses in the same user interface with their evaluations, greatly simplifying the job of assigning agent training. Online training courses can immediately be assigned to agents as managers evaluate recorded customer interactions to assess performance. This ensures a timely and targeted delivery of training content. Expert is the perfect solution to create synchronized training across your enterprise—from the management team at corporate headquarters to an outsourced training partner across the world.

Open and Compliant Course Creation

The Expert module streamlines the deployment of eLearning content with an open integration to any authoring tool that delivers web-driven compliant courseware. Administrators simply publish or link to courses across the enterprise or immediately publish quick information to the desktop. Agents are notified via Expert or email to see the priority and content of the course in seconds. For a rich user experience, you can incorporate video, FLASH, sound, and other computer-based training content into the courses. Expert seamlessly integrates with OpenText Qfiniti’s Observe and Advise modules, giving agents the ability to review coaching sessions made with annotated recordings.

Agent Accountability

Expert’s integrated reporting within the OpenText Qfiniti suite gives supervisors and training administrators the visibility needed to track progress and agent retention. Reports can be delivered quickly via email, with drill-down information about agent performance. Expert also helps uncover trends and training gaps at the agent, team, and site level by enabling managers to review extensive information about each agent stored in the platform.

Lifecycle Training Solution

Expert is a great supplement to existing new-hire training, with a blend of eLearning, classroomm instruction, and multimedia content. Recurring training programs can update agents on product and service offerings, brief employees on legal issues or other hot topics, polish key skills, and encourage professional development. Your quality program can be further strengthened with quizzes or reviews and by pushing specialized training to top performers.

Centralised Information

Expert’s centralized data store functions as an agent’s personal information source, allowing each agent to easily access course content. Online content reduces search time, ensures teaching consistency, and eliminates the need for hard-copy training materials. Powered by OpenText IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), Expert includes relevant conceptual searches that easily deliver information to agents’ fingertips. When combined with Optimize, OpenText Qfiniti’s real-time agent support module, training materials can also be searched along with other document repositories, intranet/Internet web pages, and knowledge management systems.

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