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Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. OpenText Explore is a Business Discovery solution that allows users to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships. The end results are critical business insights delivered in real time against which to test and take action.

Conceptual Understanding of Data Patented pattern-matching technology forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of all content, independent of language or format, thereby enabling a more intuitive search and yielding better results
Include All Channels for a Complete Customer PictureUniquely combines and understands interactions occurring across the call centre, website, point of sale, and social media
Sentiment Analysis Determines the degree to which a sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for the entire interaction or a segment of the interaction
Social Awareness Real-time trend, sentiment, and conceptual analysis of Twitter fire hose, news channels and other social media
Automated Reports and Workflow Delivers relevant information about the customer base to departments or individuals to take action by automatically distributing appropriate reports throughout the business

Aggregate All Data Sources

OpenText Explore allows marketers to bring together all channel data within one application to be able to look across data types and formats to gain a conceptual understanding of the corpus of data ingested. This includes, for example, the call centre, website, point of sale, and social media. By being able to see all data in one place as opposed to being siloed by type or channel, marketers are able to gain a complete picture of their customers’ activity.

Automatically Cluster Data

OpenText Explore provides organisations with a way to understand the emergent topics of concepts within their data. Marketers can quickly see which concepts reside in their cross channel interactions without having to perform manual analysis and categorisation of data, which is both time and resource consuming. Through clustering, the data begins to tell the story and, in many cases, reveals emerging opportunities that you were not looking for in the first place.

Sentiment Detection

Customer sentiment can change dramatically based on a direct or indirect experience with your brand. OpenText Explore takes sentiment detection to the next level by not relying on pre-determined rules but instead looking at sentiment from a conceptual standpoint. Furthermore, sentiment is broken out into smaller components called Vibe, where one positive phone call or blog post may have several elements of Vibe to give a complete of their interaction.

Social Media Access

Through a vast network of publishers and data aggregation providers, OpenText is able to source over 200 million daily social media and broadcast news mentions across the globe, including popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Explore provides 200 million-plus daily social media mentions, 210 international broadcast feeds (all media markets), 800-plus searchable industry categories, 100-plus countries, and 50-plus languages to give you unparalleled access to social media.

Alert & Tag Automatically

Once an emerging trend has been discovered, OpenText Explore offers outgoing alert capabilities which can be set based on several criteria, from thresholds hit on a particular concept to simply being sent a periodic alert containing the results of a conceptual search. OpenText Explore can automatically tag certain channel interactions based on satisfying a conceptual query for an action like call centre agent follow-up.

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