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Front-line employees interact with customers through a diverse set of touchpoints, including phone, web, email, and IM/chat. Companies must be able to capture, analyze, and act on all these touchpoint interactions in order to provide a superior customer experience, maximize employee productivity, and drive intelligence for the business. Yet companies are simultaneously challenged with consistently managing these recorded interactions in alignment with today’s growing regulatory and enterprise obligations.

Ensure business process compliance

OpenText Qfiniti’s ICE (Interaction Control Element) module delivers a new class of enterprise interaction analysis supported by a centralized policy server, a broad set of triggers, and interaction control agents that monitor desktop and server events and take the appropriate actions.

  • Adhere to strict compliance requirements for PCI, HIPAA, etc
  • Capture only relevant contact centre interactions based on defined business parameters
  • Manage recorded audio and text interactions in line with compliance obligations
  • Improve pan-enterprise search-based operations for performance evaluation, compliance, and eDiscovery

When integrated with OpenText Qfiniti’s Optimize module for desktop analytics and real-time agent
guidance, the ability to define, track and measure workflows becomes even more powerful:

  • Increase business insight by analyzing critical business data within captured interactions
  • Support workforce management initiatives such as workforce optimization and employee productivity

Manage interactions intelligently

ICE dynamically monitors desktop activity in order to capture, tag, classify, and control relevant audio, email, and IM interactions. This module enables business and compliance executives to establish customized trigger events that target specific interactions important to the company. It is application-independent, enabling triggers from a wide-range of mission critical applications, such as CRM and helpdesk suites, email and IM systems, and browser based applications.

By intelligently monitoring the end-user’s desktop activity, ICE can start, stop, or pause a recording, attach metadata to an interaction, or classify an interaction according to business rules. In addition, the module can identify interactions that are subject to compliance or corporate criteria and automatically redact customer-sensitive data in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), such as the credit card or CCV number, product, customer, or competitive information.

ICE intelligently manages the following interaction operations:

  • Starts and stops the recording of audio activity, screen activity, or both
  • Automatically classifies interactions for quick viewing based on defined business parameters
  • Automatically mutes or masks customer-sensitive data in compliance with PCI-DSS
  • Applies governance policies to control interactions for legal hold or security needs
  • Alerts end-users to specific types of interactions or activities when they occur for better insight
  • Attaches relevant business data to an interaction for deep segmentation analytics, including:
      • – Relevant customer data
      • – Type of call
      • – Sales of products or services
      • – Customer inquiries
      • – Competitive intelligence
      – Service information

Ensure compliance with customizable triggers

OpenText Qfiniti’s ICE module provides a broad array of options for establishing event triggers for various functions, such as activating a recording, attaching a classification to an interaction, or alerting managers when specific types of interactions occur. Event triggers are entirely customizable based on the needs of the business, such as meeting criteria for classification or identifying a need for PCI compliance or a governance policy. By automatically tagging, classifying, or applying a policy to an interaction, ICE alleviates the man-hours needed to do this manually while also eliminating the likelihood of human error.

Enforce PCI-DSS compliance and audio governance

ICE delivers an unprecedented level of compliance to email, IM, and audio recordings to ensure all interactions are managed within regulatory and corporate policies. ICE provides the option of setting triggers to identify sensitive materials within interactions and automatically mask or mute the information based on their business need.
Companies that are required to meet PCI-DSS can now comply with the requirement that credit card, CCV, CVV and CID codes not be stored after authentication is completed, even in call recordings, if the data is searchable.

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