OpenText Observe

Observe gives you the flexibility to configure the recording options that best fit your business needs. It can be deployed to satisfy diverse business requirements with a scalable, flexible, open architecture platform that easily grows with your business, from 50 to more than 50,000 agents.

Offers integrated station-side, trunk-side, and selective recording technology managed from a single platform
Provides secure and reliable total call recording, storage, and playback, enabling compliance with data security standards
Supports call acquisition in traditional telephony, IP, or hybrid TDM/IP environments
Includes call-mining functionality to easily find recordings across the enterprise for legal or business intelligence purposes
Satisfies compliance and risk management requirements across financial, healthcare, insurance, legal, government, and telemarketing industries

Enable flexible enterprise recording

The Observe module offers flexible deployment configurations for full-time or random recording solutions, reducing support costs and simplifying monitoring management.

Deployment configurations include

  • SIP Trunk fulltime recording: Capture all calls that flow through your SIP Trunks. In this approach, Observe integrates using a SIPREC recording interface to the enterprise Session Border Controller (SBC).
  • Passive TDM or VoIP fulltime recording: Capture all calls from the customer’s or agent’s perspective. With these approaches, recording taps are connected directly to the trunks, phone lines, or the IP network connected to the switch.
  • Random or selective recording: Randomly record calls for quality and coaching purposes through various call recording interfaces.
  • On-demand or business-rules recording: Capture event-based or business-rules-based recordings for sales verification or application monitoring through various call recording interfaces.
  • Active call recording: Utilize the switch manufacturer’s proprietary call recording interface for random, on demand or fulltime recording needs.
  • Screen recording: Capture random or fulltime recording of the user’s desktop. Screen recordings are synchronized with the related voice portion of the interaction at playback.
  • Live monitor: Listen to and watch an agent while he or she is on a call with the customer

Intelligent quality monitoring

Observe enables you to build intelligence and automation into your contact centres’ quality monitoring programs. With Observe Evaluation Plans, an intelligent plan manager builds custom “play-lists” for your users that ensure the relevance of monitored events and improve the variety of recorded calls. Interactions can be selected based on the source of a call, the responding agent, time intervals, application activity, telephony or desktop events, and even from results from OpenText Qfiniti’s multichannel analytics platform. (For more information, please refer to the OpenText Explore brochure.)

The Observe Evaluation Plans selection criteria can include:

  • Call type
  • Telephony CTI triggers
  • Desktop triggers
  • Multichannel analytics results
  • Integration with OpenText’s Qfiniti ICE (Interaction Control Element) module for application- and fieldbased triggering (For more information, please refer to the OpenText Qfiniti ICE brochure.)

Rely on secure storage and playback

The Observe module captures and securely stores every interaction, ensuring your organization can safely manage all its recorded data. These security features help organizations comply with mandatory security regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), HIPAA, and compliance deletion standards. Observe’s secure playback options include an intuitive media-based player via web interface that streams the recordings over SSL for maximum security.

Observe offers advanced:

  • Encryption: Ensures secure storage at rest and secure transmission of recordings over the network.
  • Grants or restricts user access to recordings, people, and applications.
  • When integrated with OpenText Qfiniti’s ICE module, redacts customer sensitive data from the recordings.
  • Provides audit reports on all system access and playback activity.
  • Ensures old recordings are properly archived or deleted from the system after predetermined time periods.

Pinpoint the right call from across the globe

For organizations that route customer calls across the globe or even just between teams, recording retrieval can be complicated and time consuming, requiring searches within numerous archives and servers. The OpenText Qfiniti platform streamlines the process by providing a single user interface and search tool to uncover recordings regardless of where they occurred.

Simplify enterprise management

OpenText Qfiniti’s modular product suite is easy to manage, whether you operate a single 25-seat call centre or multiple contact centres with tens of thousands of agents located around the globe.

Highly integrated management features are enabled through:

  • A single user interface to monitor the status of servers, recordings, and alarms
  • Centralized alarm monitoring that continuously polls applications for critical activity conditions, such as disk space, port failures, or connectivity problems
  • Automatic notification of issues that are delivered to system administrators through an alarm console, email, or SNMP traps

Benefit from efficient storage

To optimize disk storage space, Observe offers a variety of audio data compression options. Observe can record up to 500 simultaneous calls per server, and administrators can configure different voice compression options at record time or during the archive process. OpenText Qfiniti’s builtin archive manager can be custom configured to archive to SANs, NAS, Static Content Management Systems, or off-the-shelf storage media. When integrated with OpenText Qfiniti’s ICE module, administrators can perform intelligent archiving, storing the required calls and aging all others.

Take full advantage of VoIP connectivity

Observe features Voice-over-IP (VoIP) recording compatibilities with major telephony providers, including Cisco, Avaya, Genesys SIP, and Oracle/Acme. The module employs both passive and active call recording interfaces, where supported, to offer maximum flexibility in any contact centre environment. For customers deploying SIP Trunks, Observe supports a SIPREC recording interface, supported by many of the top tier Session Border Controller (SBC) vendors.

Deploy quickly with OpenText Qfiniti’s open architecture

Observe can be deployed on industry leading servers, such as HP, Dell, and IBM. It also interfaces with all the major ACDs and dialers, including Avaya, Aspect, Alcatel, Cisco, Siemens, NEC, Ericsson, Mitel, and more.

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