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OpenText’s WFO Optimize module gives contact centre managers an essential workforce management tool that captures activity at the individual desktop level to reveal how agents are interacting with their desktop applications. Tools for measuring and reporting on desktop interactions, screens, and functions provide a highly effective means for assessing agent productivity.

Capture agent activity for quality assurance

  • Application usage tracking: OpenText Qfiniti charting tools clearly illustrate use patterns and peaks by time of day for applications or screens within an application, with drill-down views that include user login/logout and workstation locks.
  • Compliance dashboard: Managers can apply compliance templates over the activity usage report to show adherence to goals and objectives in an easy-to-read single-screen view that enables accurate analysis.
  • Activity data archive: Agent activity data can be stored in a central repository or in an OpenText hosted archive for audit trail purposes, compliance reporting, and/or historical analysis.
  • Workforce module integration: With highly integrated functionality across modules, you can easily feed user activity data into OpenText Qfiniti’s Workforce module for back-office forecasting and scheduling or for analysis in third-party data analytics tool kits.

Identify workforce performance gaps

The Optimize module’s Workflow and Guidance provides easy-to-understand activity reports that map agent application usage to workflows and tasks, enabling managers to identify any knowledge gaps or training opportunities.

  • Workflow analysis: Gather workflow information from across the entire workforce for aggregated reporting, or you can filter it to review by group, team, or region, with available drill down into individual user performance.
  • Desktop automation: Rapidly automate tasks and workflows without accessing or modifying the underlying source code in your existing applications, so that manual and repetitive tasks are streamlined and contextual guidance is provided.
  • Business process analytics: Monitor individual processes such as order entry or call wrapup to identify opportunities for automation. Track specific processes that relate to key performance indicators (KPIs) or business metrics such as sales promotion success or average handling time (AHT) in the contact centre. Detect and send alerts related to suspicious activity, procedural deviations or compliance violations in front- or back-office processes.
  • Process measurement and monitoring: The Optimize Workflow and Guidance module allows quality management managers to establish accurate baselines and benchmarks before implementing process improvements so that the impact of changes can be accurately measured.

Gain better insight into customer behavior

Providing a unique lens into the behavior of your customers: through the process of optimizing agent activities by analyzing workflows and measuring the impact of process improvements, the Optimize module’s advanced desktop analytics can map both agent activity and customer inquiries to specific types of interactions. The result is a clearer picture of customer needs coming into focus, which in turn allows you to discover the kinds of customer behaviors that can be used to differentiate your business.

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