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OpenText’s Survey module makes it possible for contact centres to hear directly from a customer immediately after an agent interaction and then automatically link both the customer satisfaction score and the agent evaluation score to the recorded interaction (call, email, or chat). This correlation measurably improves quality performance and reduces the time and cost incurred from traditional research methods. By forging a clear link to the voice of your customers, Survey offers a valuable supplement to traditional survey methods.

Makes customer questionnaires easy to configure, adjust, and manage
Displays results associated with agents, agent groups, computer telephony integration (CTI), and other data
Allows customer input to be linked to virtually any variable within the contact centre
Sends immediate alerts of a poor customer experience via questions with threshold events that, when triggered, launch “save the customer” actions such as an email or pager alert or a transfer to a customer advocate
Provides analysis capabilities through
established reports or customized reporting via standard open database connectivity (ODBC) exporting options

The industry’s first IVR-based, post-call survey platform

Survey is the industry’s first interactive voice response (IVR)-based, post-call survey platform for the enterprise contact centre. It integrates with automatic call distributors (ACDs) and gives callers the option of taking a survey immediately after speaking with an agent. A fully automated solution, Survey records both the agent/customer interaction and the subsequent customer input, and then links those recordings to the evaluation process. In this way, Survey establishes a direct and powerful link between the performance of your contact centre and the customer satisfaction that drives your business.

Benefit from flexible survey deployment options

When a customer calls your contact centre, the ACD routes to the Survey module and the
caller is offered the survey option. If the caller accepts, Survey waits for the agent to finish,
then automatically presents the caller with pre-recorded survey questions. This can also be
integrated with voice recognition capabilities. With the Survey module, you can:

  • Run behind the scenes so that the agent does not know which customers will be surveyed
  • Manage surveys not directly associated with agents or the contact centre, such as incentive surveys
  • Integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and with all OpenText Qfiniti 10 modules
  • Run independently, not requiring a recording solution to already be in place

Provide enterprise-level reporting

You can view Survey results by agent or group, by chronological segmentation, or by other variables. The solution automatically and continually gathers customer survey data and instantly tabulates this information for management reporting after each survey.

Simplify administration

Administrators can quickly create customized reports to meet specific business needs. A flexible architecture simplifies management of quality-related activities, and remote management capabilities allow administrators to create, review, and print reports from any networked location.

Rely on extensive analytical capabilities

Advise creates a single, centralized data repository for all quality-related information. This centralized data source supports sophisticated reporting and analysis and enables users to easily collect and distribute performance-related data throughout the enterprise. Drill-down capabilities provide a simplified view of behavioral, agent, group, and site trends so your users can easily identify training and coaching opportunities.

Improve calibration and correlation

Unlike traditional customer survey techniques—such as outbound calls, email, and mailed questionnaires—which typically take place hours or days after the pertinent customer/agent conversation, OpenText Qfiniti integrates surveys with customer recordings, analytics, and evaluations in a single user interface.

The Survey module for OpenText Qfiniti improves survey calibration and correlation by:

  • Recording customer input just seconds after the completion of a customer/agent interaction
  • Establishing a direct correlation between agent performance and customer attitude
  • Shifting important quality questions directly to the customer, allowing evaluators to spend less time asking and analyzing subjective questions

Rely on extensive analytical capabilities

Survey supports the following methodologies:

Skip patterns

Survey allows questions to be tailored to the customer’s input while offering an automated post-call survey solution to support traditional survey methodologies such as skip patterns. This enables specific customer responses to branch to more appropriate questions, providing more in-depth analysis opportunities.

Gain a complete voice of the customer (VoC) strategy

Survey integrates with the OpenText Customer Feedback Analytics solution, featuring OpenText Explore, to link contact centre surveys to voice recordings and other customer feedback from across the enterprise, delivering the most comprehensive voice of the customer solution available. OpenText Autonomy technology truly understands the meaning of what your customers are saying.

Powering OpenText Qfiniti’s Survey module, OpenText IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) leverages advanced mathematical techniques, statistical analysis, and unsurpassed pattern-matching technology to extract meaning and sentiment from every customer interaction. Most importantly, OpenText Qfiniti understands “unstructured” formats like web page content, social media, phone call recordings, and video and verbatim survey responses.

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