pRo100 MIS

Real-time individual, team and centre call statistics
Easily report historical call data for any previous period
Add wallboard and displays
Optional call recording module

QPC pRo100 MIS is an advanced Management Information System (MIS) for the Siemens Realtis ACD and is designed to enable more efficient and effective management of your contact centre.

Real-time information, from QPC’s pRo100, allows you to understand your current call volumes so you can see whether the day is going to match your forecast and ultimately if you are going to be able to meet your service level. Real-time agent reporting will also let you see who is working from moment-to-moment so you can tell if agents are where they should be and take immediate action if necessary.

QPC pRo100’s historical reporting will also allow you to get information for past periods. With easy to create reports it will let you see individual productivity, so you can manage performance better, how many calls have arrived, so you can forecast for the future, and the service level you have achieved.

pdf Download QPC pRo100 Brochure

Benefits of pRo100:

  • Informative – presentation of full colour graphic screens allow you to monitor call and agent activity as it happens.
  • Optimise – maintain customer service levels through the use of visual alerts, delivering a faster response to changing circumstances.
  • Present – using the historical reporting facility allows you to accurately measure your success in reaching service level objectives and produce realistic plans to meet expected future needs.
  • Develop – by continually analysing the performance of agents you will be able to reward them in line with their performance and have a better chance of retaining them as well.
  • Motivate – using IP, serial and virtual wallboards you can deliver feedback and important real-time information to agents.
  • Enhance – a web-based browser option eases deployment of supervisor client screens and reduces the need for IT support.

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