QPC Advantage

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Enable better data to reveal how up to 40% of your calls are unnecessary
Manage your complete enterprise, including in-house operatives, BPO providers and homeworkers
Drive operational improvement to halve unnecessary calls and refine Management Information processes
Optimise customer experience and your business to achieve your objectives


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QPC Reflex

Intraday automation to tap into unproductive agent idle time to increase productivity and performance.

Intraday Automation allows you to easily adjust your frontline staff to meet customer demand. Triggers and actions combine to redirect people in real-time. These triggers and actions are rules that generate immediate response to unpredictable events and rapidly changing conditions. As a result, your employees are always prepared and always productive.
Finds more time for training and back-office tasks without increasing costs or compromising service levels
Improves agent performance by delivering more performance-boosting training
Increases productivity by reducing idle time
Improves customer experience with better trained agents who are always available
Eliminates the need for manual monitoring of staffing processes and allows workforce managers to focus on other key priorities

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QPC Advantage – Discover the
true cost of servicing customers across your entire
contact centre estate

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