QPC Engage


QPC Engage

Relevant pop-up information for agents so they are empowered to act more effectively

QPC Engage gives the ultimate visibility of the customer and operational context to your agents so they can maximise customer servicing and operational effectiveness.
Reduced AHT due to better contextual servicing of agents. For example picking up the customers enquiry at the exact point they are in their journey
Avoid customer and agent effort by removing duplication across the customers journey
Reducing load on upstream busy operations
Better retention interventions by identifying returning customers
Real-time agent feedback to identify training requirements
Real-time agent feedback to identify training requirements

QPC MIG intelligently collects and interrelates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from each and every customer, from across your entire contact centre ecosystem, into a single string of information. It makes this data available to QPC Feedback to drive your voice of the customer surveys so you can align them to specific customers experience, agent and operations to provide comprehensive customer experience diagnostics.

If you are grappling with issues like this QPC Engage is the solution:

  • How do we assist the agent to understand the customer journey to date to deliver the best possible experience?
  • How do we maximise AHT while also improving customer service?
  • How do we ensure agents pick up the customer enquiry from exactly where the customer has got to in their previous part of their journey?
  • How do we avoid duplication in the customer journey like asking for DPA and account verification?
  • How do we give agents visibility of upstream contact centre capacity to avoid passing customers into queue?
  • How do we give agents a voice so they can record the experience at the point of call?

What’s the problem?

Despite the rise in alternative service channels, call centre agents remain the main customer touch point for most organisations. Reducing AHT (Average Handle Time) is the target metric of many contact centres. But too often agents can’t be efficient in dealing with a customer’s enquiry because they lack the information to understand the customer’s journey so far. Agents are not clear on what is expected of them, or are not aware of what the customer’s experience has been prior to the agent picking up the enquiry. In short, you are not providing the relevant information to assist your agents in dealing with your customers effectively. This can lead to duplication of effort for the customer, high AHT and lower levels of customer satisfaction.

Here’s a common scenario that most of us can relate to: A customer calls, selects a call reason in the IVR, is routed to an agent only for the agent to ask for the reason of call again. That agent can’t deal with the enquiry and reroutes the customer to another agent only for the customer to have to repeat for the third time their reason for call. Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • Your agents knew the effort the customer’s journey and frustrations to date before they speak to the customer?
  • You could provide your agents, in real time with the right information to assist the customer and make their experience better?
  • You could easily empower your agents with the information to serve customers in context?
  • Your agents knew what options the customer had chosen in the IVR?
  • The customers account and history was popped into the agents desktop as soon as they answer the call?
  • Your agents knew if customers had already been identified and verified earlier in their journey?
  • Your agents new if a customer was a returning customer?
  • Your agents could see the capacity and waiting times upstream?
“Currently 90% of customers are identified automatically and 60% of those are verified within the IDV process. For an agent it typically takes 15 seconds to identify a customer and 7 seconds to verify them. As we take around 70,000 calls per day, the savings in labour costs are in the very high.”
Senior Transformation Project Manager at leading Telecoms provider

QPC Engage was used to inform agents if a customer had been through identification, verification and DPA checks earlier in their journey.

How it works?

QPC MIG data engine collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms like you ACD, CFR, IVR and CRM systems, in various formats and it joins them, standardises them, and makes them operationally actionable. This is the heart and brain of our QPC Advantage solutions suite.

QPC Engage can be used to provide valuable contextual feedback to the business. If the call is put on hold or transferred to another agent, QPC Engage knows this is happening and immediately polls the agent to ask why. This information is then used to assist the next agent or to identify training or process issues.

When the call ends, the QPC Engage is aware and asks the Agent to score how they think the call went and what they think they could have done better or what would have made the call better. This provides the agent with a means to provide feedback to the business and this is used as a comparative analysis to highlight agents’ training and development requirements.

We can integrate any data that is useful to understand and improve the customers’ interaction with your organisation. QPC Engage is a desktop based interface which knows when a call starts with the agent and provides the agent with historical and contextual information on the customer experience so far, such as:

  • The detail of the customer journey or interaction thus far
  • A predicted CSAT score and some indication of what could be done to recover that experience
  • Capture agent experience of interactions
  • Capture reason for transfer, hold or consult events for every call to provide rot cause detail to around training needs and operational inefficiencies
  • What options the customer selected in the IVR
  • How long they spent in the IVR
  • Have they spoken to anyone else today / this week, if so what about and what happened?
  • A rating on their customer experience so far
  • Upstream capacity of the call centre

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