QPC Journey


QPC Journey

Visualise every facet of the customer journey and identify the biggest drivers of customer effort

QPC Journey will help you unleash the potential in your contact centre Journey data.
Only solution that interrelates and captures all aspects of the customer journey
Objectively measure customer effort on every aspect of the customer journey 100% of the time
Provide actionable understanding of what and where to focus efforts to improve NPS and CSAT scores
Operationalise customer experience

The QPC MIG data engine intelligently collects and interrelates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from across your entire contact centre ecosystem, into a single string of information revealing the detail of each and every customers’ journey. QPC Journey then visualises the customer journey for every interaction and touchpoint across your organisation. Additionally QPC Journey objectively measures the effort for the customer in contacting your organisation for 100% of interactions in real-time, providing unparalleled understanding of what you need to do operationally and where to improve customer experience.

If you are grappling with issues like this QPC Journey is the solution:

  • How do we map out our customers journeys?
  • Why do our operational KPI’s say we are performing but our NPS and CSAT score say otherwise?
  • Do we understand the level of effort we create for our customers?
  • How do we operationalise customer experience?
  • Why can’t we improve our NPS or CSAT scores any further, what’s the reason?

What’s the problem?

Over the past 30 years customers’ needs have increased at a rapid pace but the technologies and philosophies to service those needs haven’t kept pace. We live in the time of the customer and this is evident when 59% of customers indicate that they would buy from a competitor as a result of poor customer experience. Customer service is now a key differentiator.

Companies struggle to bring together their varying technology solutions to truly understand how to better service the customer and in most cases end up having to make “leap of faith” judgements on improving customer experience as the factual data doesn’t exist to reinforce the decisions that need to be made. This is compounded by the fact customer experience is measured by samples of feedback that don’t provide a tangible or actionable step to fix and often leaves a gap operationally in terms of what to fix first.

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • You could make factual decisions about how to improve customer experience rather than judgement calls
  • You could objectively measure customer effort on 100% of interactions
  • You could visualise and analyse your customers journeys across all customer touch points
  • You could understand “why” you can’t get your NPS or CSAT scores any higher regardless of the effort or investment you’ve made
  • You could operationalise customer experience in a way that the operational resources got it and could action it daily
“QPC MIG was the only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations.”
Head of Insight and Reporting at leading Telecoms provider

How it works?

QPC MIG data engine collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms, namely ACD, CFR, IVR and CRM systems, in various formats. It then joins them, standardises them, and makes them operationally actionable. This is the heart and brain of our QPC Advantage solutions suite. QPC Journey then provides a visual way to understand and analyse customer journeys.

QPC Journey objectively measures the customer effort they experience at all your organisational touch points on 100% of interactions to provide a holistic view of why effort exists and why. This enables the organisation with a new metric Customer Effort Score (CES) that has the dual benefits of representing the external customer perception as well as the operational interpretation of what matters for customers.

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