Multichannel Intelligent Gateway.
Real-time intelligent middleware & customer journey platform that powers all Advantage applications

QPC MIG the leading contact centre data solution enables contact centre optimisation by revealing the insight to make them more efficient, eliminate up to 20% wastage, while also improving the effectiveness of each customers experience. Improving ROI.
The ability to balance the cost of the serving customers, with the ability to grow revenues and improve customer experience. We call this balancing the customer experience index
Eliminate some artificial call volume saving cost and complexity. For every 5,000 seats if you only eliminate half of the typical 40% wastage can save up to £16m per annum
Create better customer experience through more relevant servicing delivering more satisfied customers by getting to their route problem and solving it quicker. Allowing you to drive customer and business metric like reducing churn and driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

QPC MIG (Multichannel Intelligent Gateway) is at the heart of our QPC Advantage solution suite. QPC MIG is an intelligent middleware solution that collects and inter-relates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from each and every customer, from across your entire contact centre ecosystem, into a single string of information. Enabling you to understand each customers’ experience, and operational performance at every step.

If you are grappling with issues like this, QPC MIG is the solution:

  • How best to balance cost, revenue and customer experience?
  • How to reduce costs but cant’s see where we can?
  • How to increase customer value but can’t see how?
  • Need to understand why our customers are contacting us
  • Need to understand if the IVR routing strategy is working
  • Need a single version of the truth – but have too much conflicting MI

QPC MIG links the entire customer journey data with any other customer variables, like survey responses, cross-channel data, transactions or CRM data, to add even more context. We call this QPC 3D Data. QPC MIG becomes the central nervous system of your contact centre, as it’s the only solution that provides the insight required to uniquely define the; What, When, Why for every customer interaction allowing you to make “game changing” business decisions.


What’s the problem?

Every day, your organisation generates the data you need to improve your customers’ experience and reduce costs
Your challenge is how to access increasing volumes of data, interpret them, and use the results to drive a business that can react more quickly and effectively to customer demand.

Up to 40% of your contact centre calls could be unnecessary

“With QPC Advantage data and insight you can walk into any contact centre and find 10 things that will save money, fast. The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. Once you have the truth established you can spend your time focusing on making reality better. It’s the engine to power our customer contact transformation. It’s an engine to feed business cases. It provides diagnosis, informs and powers the cure.”
Head of Insight and Reporting at a leading Telecoms provider
QPC MIG extracts information and creates 3D Data from multi-channel platforms across your business estate. This includes BPO providers and home agents, as well as your in-house teams.
3D Data is collected into a single, business-ready star schema database that can be delivered directly into an Enterprise Data Warehouse. This rapid data deployment enables QPC customers to faster realise transformational business strategies based on big data.
QPC MIG records and analyses every customer contact to give you real-time and historical interaction and transactional data. Crucially, it also provides context for every event – the why surrounding every interaction – throughout the entire customer journey. Once collected, the data is organised to give you a complete, real-time picture

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • You had one version of the truth across your entire contact centre ecosystem?
  • You actually knew why your customers’ call?
  • You understand how your customers actually journey through your contact system?
  • You could see how your current contact system configuration is impacting the customers experience and therefore how to make their experience better?
  • You spent less time managing the contact system and more time interpreting actionable insight to better serve your customers?
“The big technology vendors usually aggregate data and disregard customer level data and create their own standards with. It’s technology agnostic approach was one of the reasons that we went with QPC MIG. The 3D Data is the truth. The truth about the customer, and their journey. It’s the facts your customers and agents experience every day. The fact that QPC MIG could collect this data from different systems in real-time and glue it seamlessly together, we could expose it quickly. It gave us a neat and cost effective solution. The alternative would have been re-engineering our entire technology stack. Not an option given the cost.”
Head of Insight and Reporting at leading Telecoms provider

How it works

QPC MIG data engine solution collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms, in various formats and joins them, standardises them, and makes them operationally actionable.

QPC MIG is the only solution that can integrate data across heterogeneous technology environments. QPC MIG is truly technology agnostic. We can integrate any data that is useful to understand and improving the customers’ interaction with your organisation.

QPC MIG combines customer level data in real-time. First, it creates the customer interaction string from the following sources:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) – All CTI (computer telephony integration) interaction’s data; call answered, transferred, hold, busy, abandoned etc. This underpins the QPC MIG data asset creating a single view of the customers’ interaction / journey and create the basis to join together all other data sources
  • CRF (Contact Routing Framework) – Call routing interactions. Revealing how the rules governed the routing of the call
  • IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) – The customers’ self-disclosed reason for call, customers’ journey through the IVR options and voice interactions
  • Agent Desktop Interactions – how the agent has interacted with their desktop to service the customer
Then it can append any other useful information to add further context:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) –The customer account can be appended to the customer journey interactions data. Including; contact history, profile, segment, marketing, value, product and transactional data
  • Survey Feedback – Customers rating of the service post experience can also be appended
  • Other potential inputs – Workforce management data, dialler data, web chat, web and mobile interaction, social media – in fact, anything else that helps understand the context of the customer interaction
“We had decided to go with QPC MIG as we realised the flexibility of the solution, the fact it captures everything that happens we realised the potential to do so much more. We were particularly interested in all the data it captures from the IVR. Which the other solutions we were considering wouldn’t being able to offer.”
Senior Transformation Project Manager at leading Telecoms provider
Download: Vodafone Case Study

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