QPC Desktop


Unique 3D Data combining interaction and transaction detail with customer profile data attached in real-time
Understand agent desktop activity for better individual performance management
Capture data and events from any applications on your agents’ desktops, creating an easy way to integrate applications without costly and lengthy server-side implementation projects
See business processes clearly so you can refine and optimise them
Deeper understanding of the customer journey with granular detail across multiple channels and any contact centre estate, including remote and multiple sites, and home workers

The QPC MIG data engine intelligently collects and interrelates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from across your entire contact centre ecosystem, into a single string of information revealing the detail of each and every customers’ journey. QPC Desktop then provides a connection into the value of your desktop data by combining the desktop data alongside your customer journey and operational datasets to maximise the potential. Gain a deeper understanding of contact centre performance through powerful desktop data collection and analysis tools maximising your investment in your contact centre technology.

If you are grappling with issues like this QPC Desktop is the solution:

  • How do we leverage the value of our desktop data to provide insight?
  • Are our agents compliant to our processes and if not how do we know if the processes they follow are efficient?
  • Can we use the desktop to provide real-time insights into our customers?
  • How do tie together the transactional records we discuss with customers and their interactions data such as the call time?

What’s the problem?

Contact centre performance measurement rarely includes the vast and far ranging data sources that can be collected from the desktop for front or back office operations. Desktop data has often been seen as too difficult to collect without costly integrations, and the question remains: what does the data mean?

The agent’s desktop plays an important role in delivering an efficient and effective service to customers, analysing that data therefore provides additional insight into the customer and operational performance but making it relevant and useful provides the biggest stumbling block.

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • You could use the desktop data in real-time to assist agents or to support the customer to resolve their problem
  • You could combine your desktop data to other data sources to provide a more complete picture of the customer
  • You could push guidance and support to the agents via the desktop
  • You could get real-time visibility into back-office teams that’ equivalent to the front-office performance data
“With QPC MIG 3D data and insight you can walk into any contact centre and find 10 things that will save money, fast. The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. Once you have the truth established you can spend your time focusing on making reality better. It’s the engine to power our customer contact transformation. It’s an engine to feed business cases. Its diagnosis and informs and powers the cure”

“QPC MIG was the only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations.”

Head of Insight and Reporting at leading Telecoms provider

How it works?

QPC MIG data engine collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms, namely ACD, CFR, IVR and CRM systems, in various formats. It then joins them, standardises them, and makes them operationally actionable. This is the heart and brain of our QPC Advantage solutions suite. QPC Desktop then provides a solution to collect and analyse desktop data and combine the output to create QPC MIG 3D data, the ability to bring together transactional and interaction data together in real-time to create a 3D view of the customer in terms of context not just effort.

QPC Desktop is a group of applications that enable a deeper understanding of contact centre performance on the desktop. By enabling the real-time capture of user desktop activity, measuring and analysing tasks, processes, application usage and customer transactions in greater detail, it provides a highly effective means of understanding agent performance in the context of customer experience.

QPC Desktop uses QPC MIG technology to combine real-time desktop event data from CRM or Billing systems to interaction data to create 3D Data in real-time. This includes BPO providers and home agents, as well as your in-house teams.

3D Data is generated by the combination of QPC MIG and QPC Desktop to give you real-time and historical interaction and transactional data. Crucially, it also provides context for every event – the why surrounding every interaction – throughout the entire customer journey. Once collected, the data is organised to give you a complete, real-time picture of the entire customer experience.

QPC TriggerQPC JournalQPC Activity


QPC Trigger

Powerful real-time rules based data capture, interaction tagging and task automation

Download: QPC Desktop – Unleash the
Potential in your Desktop Data

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