Real-time and historical management information for the Nortel DMS-100 ACD to help contact centres manage calls and agents more efficiently and effectively.

VU-ACD/100, combined with the DMS-100 digital switch, offers the following benefits:

  • Increased call completions
  • Lower network costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Real-time color graphic displays

Complete ACD management in one package

Perimeter Technology is the world’s leading provider of Management Information Systems for Centrex based ACDs. VU-ACD/100 is a Management Information System (MIS) for organisations who employ groups of individuals or devices to handle inbound and outbound telephone calls through Centrex ACD and want to answer calls as cost effectively as possible whilst meeting their service objectives. Around the world today, more than 4,700 call centre and telecommunications professionals monitor in excess of 100,000 agents using the VU-ACD/100 System.

Real time display

This Real-Time software uses vivid colour graphics to provide instant, concise, easy-to-understand status information.

  • call centre wide
  • all ACD groups
  • individual ACD groups
  • all Agent Groups
  • individual Agents


VU-ACD/100 provides extensive data collection and storage for report generation. The system is capable of storing detail and summary data at five minute intervals per half hour and for a minimum of one year.

Examples of critical historical data are

  • traffic analysis (all groups)
  • agent performance (agent and all groups)
  • interval data for multiple days.

Reports may be run on demand or scheduled for automatic distribution via fax, email or in HTML format for online viewing. Raw event data may also be exported to third party applications for external analysis.

Load management

  • directory number changes
  • audio configuration
  • queue control
  • route configuration
  • overflow methods

A series of easy-to-use screens display current switch configuration parameters and allow for dynamic alteration of the call centre’s ACD configuration. ACD parameters can also be altered proactively, utilising load management macros specifically designed to execute configuration changes, based on a pre-set schedule or in reaction to current call centre conditions.

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