PureCloud Buzzword Bingo

Heh, we’re poking fun at ourselves again!

Here are some of the terms we’re hearing far too often around the office:

Bingo Card - Marketing Terms!

Weirdly though, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is very different. This reflects a simple truth of modern web marketing – that everyone you compete with is trying to corner the same SEO turf, whether they actually have a competitive offering, or not!

Bingo - SEO terms - Urk

But when the competitors catch up with us, we’ll already be chasing the next big thing!


Interactive Intelligence PureCloudSM is our latest microservice-based customer engagement cloud platform, a subscription-based scalable system that also helps the rest of your business stay in touch through a rich corporate directory, ‘big data’ search, ad hoc and rules-based groups, chat, video chat, and document sharing features.

Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter

An industrial designer gone bad from years of UX architecture wrangling, Randy Carter is senior marketing content architect for Interactive Intelligence. He never stops thinking about how to help customers make their systems more understandable, more polite, and more useful.

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