Desktop Analytics

QPC Desktop

Collect and report information and triggers from any agent desktop application for better individual performance management, business process optimisation and to easily overcome issues with server side system integration.
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OpenText Explore

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. OpenText Explore is a Business Discovery solution that allows users to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships.
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OpenText Optimize

OpenText’s Optimize module gives contact centre managers an essential workforce management tool that captures activity at the individual desktop level to reveal how agents are interacting with their desktop applications. Tools for measuring and reporting on desktop interactions, screens, and functions provide a highly effective means for assessing agent productivity.
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OpenText ICE

ICE dynamically monitors desktop activity in order to capture, tag, classify, and control relevant audio, email, and IM interactions. This module enables business and compliance executives to establish customized trigger events that target specific interactions important to the company.
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Genesys PureConnect

Offering a comprehensive range of deployment configurations and integrated support applications, a QPC partnership ensures a beneficial solution design and successful deployment of your Customer Interaction Centre solution.
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KnoahSoft Solutions

Built for VoIP from the ground up, Harmony supports call recording, quality and performance management needs and initiatives. Harmony also helps build a collaborative work environment by giving all contact centre constituencies the information they need to do their jobs.
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