Customer Analytics

Contact centre customer analytics is the monitoring and interpretation of customer interactions, whether direct or indirect, structured or unstructured, to identify patterns in customer behaviour. These patterns offer actionable insight into the effectiveness of your contact centre, and the wider business, to portray your organisation as intended by your corporate strategy. QPC offers a range of services and products that take the guess work out of understanding what motivates your customers, and to use those insights to drive contact centre improvement.

Benefits of Customer Analytics:

Exceptional customer analytics creates an intimate understanding of what drives your customers to contact your organisation, and how they feel about their resulting interactions. This intelligence offers significant benefit as the foundation for change to:

Promote strategy congruence with customer sentiment

Increase customer sales, satisfaction, and retention

Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Increase process improvement efficiency and effectiveness

Promote change management confidence

Measure the success of change programs

QPC Advantage

Improve customer experience, identify and halve unnecessary contacts with QPC Advantage. QPC Advantage will enable you to gain the deeper understanding of the “why” without the need to replace or undo all the work you’ve done to date. QPC Advantage solution is complimentary to your existing VoC software & strategy but crucially provides you with the missing link you seek today.

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OpenText Explore

OpenText Explore is a Business Discovery solution from OpenText that allows users to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships.

The end results are critical business insights gained across all channels delivered in real time against which to take action.

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OpenText Qfiniti

Working in conjunction with OpenText Qfiniti, the Survey module enables contact centres to hear directly from a customer immediately after an agent interaction and automatically link both the customer satisfaction score and the agent evaluation score to the recorded agent interaction, regardless of whether that interaction was a call, email, or chat.

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QPC Consulting

Understanding what motivates your customers to contact you is of little benefit to your organisation unless you can apply that knowledge in pursuit of your organisation’s strategic objectives.
Representing but one of eight key components of a successful Customer Interaction Strategy, QPC Consulting can help you integrate your understanding of customer motivation within a strategic plan that maximises the value of your customer interactions.

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Genesys PureConnect Interaction Feedback

Fully integrated within Genesys PureConnect’s Customer Interaction Centre, Interaction Feedback delivers integrated automatic customer satisfaction surveys.
Intuitive wizard guided survey creation incorporating conditional branching and call recording.

Post call surveys are rules driven, with results available immediately through real time dashboard monitoring.

Real time alerts flag service failures, prompting proactive intervention to address customer issues.

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Genesys PureConnect Interaction Analyser

Fully integrated within the Genesys PureConnect’s Customer Interaction Centre, Interaction Analyzer delivers integrated speech analytics; monitoring calls in real time for the words and phrases that make the difference between a poor or a great customer interaction.

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