Performance Management

Contact centre performance management is the collection, organisation, publication, and use of contact centre quantitative and qualitative data in a manner that provides actionable insight into your contact centre’s performance and your customer’s response to that performance and your organisations presence in the market. QPC offers a range of products that effectively capture and present performance data. While our consulting and education services can help you use that data to create a high performance contact centre culture.

QPC Discover

Improve customer experience, identify and halve unnecessary contacts with QPC Advantage. QPC Advantage will enable you to gain the deeper understanding of the “why” without the need to replace or undo all the work you’ve done to date.
QPC Advantage solution is complimentary to your existing VoC software & strategy but crucially provides you with the missing link you seek today.
Use QPC Discover for powerful analytics so you can drive real-time insight into what is happening across your entire contact centre system.

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OpenText Qfiniti

OpenText Qfiniti is a reliable recording solution that incorporates the advanced tools needed in today’s multi-site and multimedia customer contact centres.
Through a single platform, OpenText Qfiniti can record all calls for compliance management or selectively capture voice and desktop activity for quality assurance.
The platform also includes innovative built-in coaching, real-time assistance, evaluation, survey, and training modules to ensure that your business delivers true quality performance.

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Genesys PureConnect – Interaction Reporting

One of the greatest benefits of working with a feature rich fully unified communication platform is that all performance data is available from a single integrated source! And that’s what you get when working with Interaction Reporter, the integrated Interaction Reporting module within the Customer Interaction Centre by Genesys PureConnect.

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QPC WFM Training & Development

Regardless of whether you are new to workforce management, or a seasoned professional, QPC offer a range of training and development courses that build upon your resource management knowledge. Training courses offered include:

  • WFM Fundamentals
  • WFM Intraday
  • WFM Scheduling
  • WFM Forecasting
  • WFM Advanced

to develop your skills in to run effective contact centre workforce management teams

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QPC Consulting – Customer Interaction Strategy

The performance of your contact centre is measured by its ability to directly contribute to achievement of your organisation’s strategic objectives. Your performance management framework will need to clearly reflect this relationship if it expects to receive the recognition, support, and resources you need from the wider organisation.
QPC Customer Interaction Strategy consulting will work with your contact centre to ensure the alignment of your performance measurement framework to ensure this strategic congruence is achieved, and with it the support you need to operate an effective contact centre.

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Teleopti – Contact Centre Workforce Management System

Teleopti WFM leads the way today in workforce management contact centre solutions in terms of ease-of-use, Lifestyle Scheduling, flexibility, personalisation and support for open standards. Listening to their customers, and acting on their evolving needs, has been the cornerstone of Teleopti system development. The latest release of their contact centre workforce management system, including more than 100 improvements over the previous release, is testament to this design principle.

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OpenText Autoscore

Automate the identification, scoring and tracking of agent behaviours and customer experiences in all recorded calls using advanced speech analytics

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Benefits of Performance Management:

Exceptional performance management ensures the strategic objectives of the organisation are embodied within the performance measures of the contact centre.
To be effective, performance measurement must occur within a supportive context, it must remain focused, it’s got to be integrated within business and systems operation, and it must remain interactive.
Exceptional performance management practices:

  • Increase customer sales, satisfaction and retention
  • Increase consultant engagement and productivity
  • Increase effectiveness of marketing
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Ensure congruence with wider organisation strategy
  • Promote confidence in contact centre operations


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