Quality Management

Contact centre quality management is the monitoring, measurement, coordination and discipline to ensure the organisation’s customer interactions are undertaken in a manner compliant with the defined standards for those interactions. QPC offers a range of services and products that help define those standards, and ensure they are practiced throughout your contact centre regardless of the channel through which your customers make contact. Our contact centre quality management products can also meet your regulatory and compliance needs when bulk recording of interactions are mandatory.

OpenText Qfiniti for effective contact centre management

OpenText Qfiniti is a reliable recording solution that incorporates the advanced tools needed in today’s multi-site and multimedia customer contact centres.

Through a single platform, OpenText Qfiniti can record all calls for compliance management or selectively capture voice and desktop activity for quality assurance.

The platform also includes innovative built-in coaching, real-time assistance, evaluation, survey, and training modules to ensure that your business delivers true quality performance.

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Genesys PureConnect Interaction Recorder

Regardless of whether you are new to workforce management, or a seasoned professional, ICMI offer a range of seminars and workshops that build upon your resource management knowledge. Seminars such as Essential Skills and Knowledge for Effective Contact Centre Management, and Workforce Management the Basics and Beyond explore the principles and methodologies of effective contact centre workforce management, while our Workforce Management Bootcamp turns principles into practice through an intense four day workshop for resource management professionals.

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QPC WFM Training & Development

Regardless of whether you are new to workforce management, or a seasoned professional, QPC offer a range of training and development courses that build upon your resource management knowledge. Training courses offered include:

  • WFM Fundamentals
  • WFM Intraday
  • WFM Scheduling
  • WFM Forecasting
  • WFM Advanced

to develop your skills in to run effective contact centre workforce management teams

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QPC Consulting Quality Management

Effective contact centre quality management is about a lot more than having the right quality management system!

To achieve optimal operational effectiveness from quality management principles you need to ensure your quality management Team fully understand those principles, and can effectively put them into practice within a contact centre that embraces a quality culture.

QPC Consulting offers the guidance to ensure quality management delivers operational effectiveness, regardless of your Team’s experience, or the quality management systems they employ.

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KnoahSoft Solutions

Built for VoIP from the ground up, Harmony supports call recording, quality and performance management needs and initiatives. Harmony also helps build a collaborative work environment by giving all contact centre constituencies the information they need to do their jobs.

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OpenText Autoscore

Automate the identification, scoring and tracking of agent behaviors and customer experiences in all recorded calls using advanced speech analytics

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Benefits of Quality Management:

Exceptional quality management ensures the manner and standard by which your organisation desires to interact with your customers is understood and adhered to by all staff interacting directly with them.
Exceptional quality management practices:

  • Increase customer sales, satisfaction and retention
  • Increase consultant engagement
  • Increase the effectiveness of consultant training
  • Increase the quality of consultant recruitment
  • Increases the effectiveness of coaching
  • Decreases customer complaints and compliance breaches


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