Voice and Multimedia Platforms

Contact centre voice and multimedia platforms intelligently match customer calls, self-service requests, Emails, chat sessions, SMS messages, integrated social media notifications, and faxes with correctly skilled consultants and services. They support at-home agents and remote locations, around the world if they need to, and generate a wealth of management information. QPC specialises in the delivery and support of the Genesys PureConnect product, offering the flexibility and expertise this unified communications suite offers as either a cloud or premise based solution.

Genesys PureCloud & PureConnect – Customer Interaction Center

Genesys PureCloud & PureConnect (Customer Interaction Center), delivers an all-in-one solution that unifies communications, information, and business processes throughout your organisation. This is made possible by an open standards IP communications platform and pre-integrated application suite developed specially for the demands of today’s multi-channel contact centre. A single platform that can deliver your contact centre’s PBX/IP PBX, voice mail, unified messaging, ACD, multimedia queuing, skills-based routing, IVR, speech recognition, text to speech, interaction recording of voice / multi-media / screen, real-time voice analytics, reporting, workforce management, customer surveys, conference calls, and more.

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Genesys PureCloud & PureConnect – Interactive Voice Response

While Genesys PureConnect solutions can deliver the greatest value when working in concert, there are those modules that can stand alone. The IVR is definitely one of those modules, and can be delivered as either a cloud or premise based solution dependent on your needs.

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QPC Consulting – Customer Interaction Strategy

Your Customer Interaction Strategy describes the means and manner by which your contact centre interacts with customers. Ultimately, this strategy determines what you need from your contact centre people, processes, and technology.

Offering a multitude of configuration options and supporting applications, QPC Consulting can assist in selection and timing of those Customer Interaction solutions offering the greatest benefit, and ensure they are effectively deployed to support your Customer Interaction Strategy.

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Benefits of Voice & Multimedia Platforms:

Exceptional voice & multimedia platforms:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase customer sales, satisfaction, and retention
  • Increase organisational insight on customer behaviour
  • Increase consultant engagement
  • Promote confidence in contact centre operations


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