Workforce Optimisation

Contact centre workforce management is the planning, coordination and discipline to ensure the right number of correctly skilled consultants are available to efficiently and effectively answer customer enquiries, supporting a positive customer and consultant experience. QPC has a long and successful history of delivering best of breed workforce management systems, and the training and consultancy needed to ensure organisations can leverage the benefits automated workforce management systems can deliver.

Exceptional workforce management confidently predicts the future behaviour of both customers and staff, while offering the strategic, tactical, and operational guidance to accommodate that future, or respond effectively if that future does not eventuate.

Increase sales revenue
Increase consultant engagement
Increase customer sales, satisfaction, and retention
Reduce operating costs

OpenText Qfiniti

OpenText Qfiniti is a reliable multimedia recording solution that incorporates the advanced tools needed in today’s multi-site and multimedia customer contact centres to meet the demands of quality management and compliance challenges.
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OpenText Explore

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. OpenText Explore is a Business Discovery solution that allows users to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships.
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Teleopti WFM

Teleopti WFM leads the way today in workforce management contact centre solutions in terms of ease-of-use, Lifestyle Scheduling, flexibility, personalisation and support for open standards. Listening to their customers, and acting on their evolving needs, has been the cornerstone of Teleopti system development. The latest release of their contact centre workforce management system, including more than 100 improvements over the previous release, is testament to this design principle.
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Genesys PureConnect

Fully integrated within the Customer Interaction Centre, Interaction Optimizer delivers easy to use workforce management to ensure the right number of correctly skilled agents are available to efficiently and effectively answer customer enquiries, supporting a positive customer and consultant experience.

  • Multimedia forecasting
  • Intuitive interaction data graphs
  • Multimedia schedule analysis
  • Agent adherence monitoring

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KnoahSoft Solutions

Built for VoIP from the ground up, Harmony supports call recording, quality and performance management needs and initiatives. Harmony also helps build a collaborative work environment by giving all contact centre constituencies the information they need to do their jobs.
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QPC WFM Training & Development

Regardless of whether you are new to workforce management, or a seasoned professional, QPC offer a range of training and development courses that build upon your resource management knowledge. Training courses offered include:

  • WFM Fundamentals
  • WFM Intraday
  • WFM Scheduling
  • WFM Forecasting
  • WFM Advanced

to develop your skills in to run effective contact centre workforce management teams.
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QPC Consulting

Effective contact centre resource management is about a lot more than having the right workforce management system!

To achieve optimal operational efficiency from resource management principles you need to ensure your resource management Team fully understand those principles, and can effectively put them into practice within a contact centre that embraces a planning culture.
QPC Consulting offers the guidance to ensure resource management delivers operational efficiency, regardless of your Team’s experience, or the workforce management systems they employee.
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