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Salesforce Service Cloud is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support (Gartner). Typically, Service Cloud is implemented in the context of the Console, a robust environment from which agents deliver service. Service Cloud puts the agent directly in the pilot seat, and Service Console is the agent’s “head’s up display” providing customer data and support features in the most convenient location possible.Agent Cockpit

Agents can have multiple tabs open in the Salesforce Console – similar to having multiple tabs open in a browser. This enables agents to multi-task and work on multiple support cases at one time, especially useful in avoiding downtime when waiting for an email or chat response from the customer. In addition, sub-tabs allow the agent to dive deeper into related information. While sub-tabs are a handy feature, custom components and the pinned highlights panel help agents minimize clicks. This gives them a 360-degree view of the customers on one screen without having to drill down.

List ViewFor example, when a case is open in the Salesforce Console, the contact name and related business account information can be displayed. A knowledge custom component can be displayed to show recommended articles that will help the agent solve the case or to send to the customer. In addition, the highlights panel can be pinned to the top of the screen to see key information about the case.

Part of the agent cockpit is the ability for agents to quickly access a list or queue of cases. An agent can open a case queue in full screen mode or pin the list of cases to the side or top of the screen, while having individual cases open in tabs on a different section of the screen. A pinned view allows a service agent to see cases come into the queue in real time and quickly switch between different queues based on support level or priority.

The Salesforce Console includes a footer section where custom components can launch, which is really useful because an agent always has access to them regardless of what queue or record is open. By default, Salesforce provides the history, macro, and omni-channel components, but Salesforce administrators can also create their own components.

PureCloud for Salesforce Component

And now we get to one of the most interesting options for Salesforce Console, the PureCloud for Salesforce component, a cloud-based tool where agents can control phone calls. Out-of-the-box, PureCloud for Salesforce will perform a screen pop to a contact record that matches the inbound phone number. It can also be configured to perform matches on values a caller entered in an IVR, such as a case or account number.

The benefits go beyond that first screen pop. If a call is transferred from one Service Cloud agent to another agent, the tab and sub-tabs selected on the first agent’s screen become a screen pop for the second agent. In this way if a call is transferred across an organization, the caller’s information is transferred too, making a seamless transition between agents and much better customer service for the caller.Sample Case

PureCloud for Salesforce opens up the PureCloud platform to people who are using Salesforce as their primary desktop, and connects them to the rest of their organization with simple and powerful controls. The PureCloud platform is built from the ground up on a modern cloud technology to allow businesses to quickly deploy and manage an effective customer engagement solution.

The Salesforce Service Console together with PureCloud for Salesforce are a powerful and highly customizable customer service cockpit that will help your agents soar to new heights!

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Paul Fischer

Paul Fischer

Paul Fischer is an experienced Salesforce Consultant. Since 2012 he has helped clients improve customer experience by focusing both on strategy and technology to create frictionless and delightful customer experiences. Paul currently holds six certifications from Salesforce and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

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