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Good workforce management is simply essential if you are to get the right number of people in position to handle calls from your customers. In doing this it should minimise your organisation’s personnel costs, provide the service that your customers demand and make your contact centre a better place to work.

QPC have 5 intensive and enjoyable courses that provide all the knowledge needed to help organisations improve their critical workforce management functions, and, support individuals’ career development with recognised training from subject matter experts.

Workforce Management – Fundamentals

This 2 day course covers the fundamentals of workforce management, needed to match contact demand with agent numbers. During the course you’ll learn practical approaches to forecasting, scheduling and intraday management, and, have time to apply these to several contact centre scenarios. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to ask questions on specific issues and learn from the experiences of others.

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Workforce Management– Forecasting

Anticipating how many calls you will get in future, and how long these will take, are critical if you are to accurately match call demand with resources. Whether you are currently anticipating future workload by guessing or with spreadsheets (or if you just want more information on how to use Teleopti’s forecasting software) this 1 day practical course is an ideal solution to improving the accuracy of your all important forecasts. In addition the course will also give you useful insight into why forecasting is so important for your organisation and how to manage this business critical task.

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Workforce Management – Scheduling

Once you know how many calls you will receive, and how long they will take, you can work out how many people are required to handle this workload and draw up some work schedules for everyone and everyday. This 1 day course on Scheduling will show you how to create work schedules that will not only make sure that you have the right number of people available at the right times to handle calls, but also make your contact centre a better place to work by reflecting and respecting your agent’s work time preferences.

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Workforce Management – Intraday Management

Making sure that agents are in the right place at the right time during every hour of every day is the front line of workforce management. This 1 day course will give you the essential skills and knowledge you need to be able to react quickly to unexpected changes in call loads and staffing levels, and, manage attendance and adherence better so you can attain your service level goals reliably.

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Workforce Management – Advanced

Our 1 day course for managers will give you the tools you need to audit your present operation, define a new set of clear operational goals and create a cogent strategy covering technology, people and processes. So, you will get workforce management right for your contact centre both now and in the future.

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