QPC has been at the forefront of contact centre innovation for more than 20 years. From voice, to emerging, multi-channel technologies, the company has long led a worldwide debate on the challenges facing customer experience practitioners, and created pioneering solutions to overcome them.

QPC Advantage

Improve customer experience, identify and halve unnecessary contacts with QPC Advantage. QPC Advantage will enable you to gain the deeper understanding of the “why” without the need to replace or undo all the work you’ve done to date. QPC Advantage solution is complimentary to your existing VoC software & strategy but crucially provides you with the missing link you seek today.
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CX Platforms

The technical backbone of any contact centre, QPC specialises in the delivery and support of Genesys PureCloud & PureConnect, powered by Customer Interaction Centre® (CIC), offering the flexibility and expertise this unified communications suite offers as either a cloud or premise based solution.
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Workforce Optimisation

QPC has a long and successful history of delivering best of breed workforce management systems, and the training and consultancy needed to ensure organisations can leverage the customer service and operational efficiency benefits workforce management principles and automated workforce management systems can deliver.
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QPC Desktop

Collect and report information and triggers from any agent desktop application for better individual performance management, business process optimisation and to easily overcome issues with server side system integration.
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Workforce Management

QPC provide innovative, robust, and intuitive workforce management systems designed to meet the resource management challenge faced in increasingly complex multi-site, multi-skill, and multimedia contact centres.
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