Don’t Let Tools Define the Mission: WebRTC in Customer Engagement

The Unified Communications and Customer Engagement worlds are abuzz with talk about WebRTC – a new technology for Web Real Time Communications (in short: audio, video and data streaming in the browser). Much of the talk is about “WebRTC Companies,” referring to new companies building platforms or products with the new technology. It recalls the early days of the internet when we called companies simply “internet companies” or “dot coms.” This shortsightedness can be a quick way to set up for failure or embarrassment, because your mission becomes lost among the details.

Interactive Intelligence is devoted to building cutting edge communications software for businesses and contact centers to help improve the experience for end customers, improve efficiency of agents, and bring new, smarter tools to business users. WebRTC is just one piece of the very robust PureCloud platform. It helps us pass cost savings on to our customers, who won’t need to buy physical phones for each agent. It helps us give one click video chat for efficient meetings. And, it helps us bring no-download screen sharing to customer-agent interactions.

icon-screen-toolsThough all of this, however, doesn’t define us. As we continue to innovate with new technologies, and improve and iterate with the current ones, we won’t fall victim to a stale or failed technology, and we won’t need to constantly redefine ourselves. We’ll leverage our strengths and stay focused on our mission to lead the industry in customer engagement, communications and collaboration cloud services.

Learn more about the PureCloud architecture and some of the other tools in our toolbox.

Interactive Intelligence PureCloud® is our latest microservice-based customer engagement cloud platform, a subscription-based scalable system that also helps the rest of your business stay in touch through a rich corporate directory, ‘big data’ search, ad hoc and rules-based groups, chat, video chat, and document sharing features.

Xander Dumaine

Xander Dumaine is a Sr Software Engineer helping bring traditional telephony technology to the browser using WebRTC to build one-click video calling and virtual phones. A firm believer in Open Source Software, he uses JavaScript to build fast, modular components for an accessible web, trying to help everyone communicate better.

Source: Interactive Intelligence