Embracing Disruption: Salim Ismail to Present at INTERACTIONS 2016

I’d like you to take a moment to think about job titles. Yours might be Vice President. Or Technology Director. Or CIO. Whatever your title, my bet is it’s goal-oriented. Your title relates to a specific action or organizational function.

Now imagine what your day would be like if your title was Master of Out-of-the-Box Concepts. Or Chief of Disruptive Thinking. Your day-to-day projects would no doubt shift from task accomplishment to far-reaching business and industry transformation.

Salim-Ismail-Headshot.jpgOne person who understands the importance of disruptive thinking no matter your “real” title is Salim Ismail. He is the Founding Executive Director and Global Ambassador of Singularity University and author of Exponential Organizations. He will also be a keynote presenter at the Interactive Intelligence INTERACTIONS 2016 conference on June 7 in Indianapolis.

According to Salim, if you aren’t disrupting your business or industry, someone else is. If you have any doubt about the validity of this statement, think about what Airbnb is doing to the hospitality industry. What Uber is doing to the idea of taxi services. How Box.com has changed the way people work, share information and collaborate.

Salim shares a global perspective on the impact of disruptive thinking and how you can leverage it to differentiate and separate your company by creating a better organization.

This keynote will challenge you to reevaluate how your business functions, and what it needs to do to thrive in a market where disruption is the new standard for success.

What are you doing to create disruption?

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Source: Interactive Intelligence