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Good resource planning is essential for getting the right number of agents to match your contact demand. It will minimise your organisation’s personnel costs, provide the service that your customers demand and make your contact centre a better place to work. But, it can be difficult for small to medium size contact centres to plan resources well when capital expenditure, skilled planning personnel and IT resources are all in limited supply.

QPC provides IEX TotalView as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will make it easier for you to carry out resource planning efficiently and effectively within your small to medium sized contact centre. Available for up to 150 agents you can get all the advanced functionality that IEX TotalView has to offer for a ‘per-agent per-month’ fee, to help you manage your capital expenditure better. With our SaaS solution you can:

  • Choose to pay monthly, quarterly or take advantage of discounts offered for annual payments in advance
  • Easily increase the number of agents covered as you grow
  • Choose a flexible short term 1 year contract or take advantage of the discounts that we offer for longer 2 – 5 year contracts

As it’s a hosted solution we’ll also look after the system software and hardware for you in our data centre, removing the costs and delays typically caused by training IT staff, implementing software/hardware, keeping this up to date and carrying out essential backups and maintenance. Our expert support and professional services around workforce management are also included in the package.

Deploy your agents more efficiently to reduce costs and improve service levels. Match agent resources with contact demand to reduce your organisation’s personnel costs, provide the service that your customer demand and make your contact centre a better place to work.

General Features

IEX TotalView is recognised by leading analysts such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan as a market leading comprehensive workforce management (WFM) solution for contact centres. It helps your centre forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively. It also supplies real-time information to let you better manage the performance of your people and your operation within the day. By integrating data seamlessly across your enterprise and automating many time consuming and labour intensive processes IEX TotalView gives your contact centre just what its name promises, total visibility into every area of your operation.

IEX TotalView Central

IEX TotalView Central, encompasses the system’s core features, providing a solid foundation for effective workforce management in your centre. Forecasting, planning, scheduling and daily management – everything your centre needs to achieve quick and meaningful results.

IEX TotalView Advanced Features

Building upon the solid foundation of IEX TotalView Central, advanced features deliver even greater power and performance for contact centres needing solutions to advanced operational challenges associated with managing multiple agent skills, agent adherence, self service capabilities, multiple customer contact media and enterprise level data sharing and integration.

IEX TotalView is the leading workforce management software because it uniquely combines a system proven in real-world operation with exceptional services from QPC designed to ensure your success. Join thousands of contact centres all over the world and start relying on IEX TotalView to enhance performance, improve productivity, streamline tasks and integrate data in your operation.

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