OpenText’s Workforce Optimisation solution includes fully integrated tools for strategic planning, workforce management, call recording, coaching and eLearning, interaction analytics, surveying, and more. When combined with  Explore, OpenText’s advanced Voice of Customer analytics offering, you gain a comprehensive solution that optimises agent performance while automatically delivering customer insight expressed through opinions, perceptions, and sentiments. Backed by world-class customer service and support, OpenText’s WFO solution helps you drive more customer interactions to successful outcomes on the first contact.

OpenText Qfiniti

OpenText Qfiniti is a reliable multimedia recording solution that incorporates the advanced tools needed in today’s multi-site and multimedia customer contact centres to meet the demands of quality management and compliance challenges.
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OpenText Explore

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. OpenText Explore is a Business Discovery solution that allows users to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships.
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OpenText Workforce

Workforce delivers four enterprise-level workforce management portals for administrators, schedulers, supervisors, and agents. The module is differentiated because it is built on a flexible communications framework that enables contact centres to rapidly flex their workforce based on current conditions, with a speed and efficiency unlike any other solution on the market.
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OpenText Survey

OpenText Qfiniti Survey allows contact centres to capture and link customer satisfaction scores immediately after interaction and agent evaluation score to the recorded interaction (call, email, or chat).
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OpenText Observe

Observe gives you the flexibility to configure the recording options that best fit your business needs. It can be deployed to satisfy diverse business requirements with a scalable, flexible, open architecture platform that easily grows with your business, from 50 to more than 50,000 agents.
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OpenText Expert

Expert is a powerful eLearning module that automates agent education through targeted intelligent delivery of online training programs. It provides the tools needed to build skills and knowledge, enhance agent performance, and improve agent retention and productivity.

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OpenText Optimize

OpenText’s Optimize module gives contact centre managers an essential workforce management tool that captures activity at the individual desktop level to reveal how agents are interacting with their desktop applications. Tools for measuring and reporting on desktop interactions, screens, and functions provide a highly effective means for assessing agent productivity.
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OpenText ICE

ICE dynamically monitors desktop activity in order to capture, tag, classify, and control relevant audio, email, and IM interactions. This module enables business and compliance executives to establish customized trigger events that target specific interactions important to the company.
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OpenText Advise

OpenText Qfiniti’s Advise module offers centralized evaluation and analysis that drives contact centre performance across all customer interaction channels by enhancing coaching and eLearning effectiveness, streamlining quality management tasks, and improving scoring consistency
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OpenText Autoscore

Automate the identification, scoring and tracking of agent behaviors and customer experiences in all recorded calls using advanced speech analytics with OpenText Autoscore.
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