OpenText Advise

OpenText’s Advise module offers centralized evaluation and analysis that drives contact centre performance across all customer interaction channels by enhancing coaching and eLearning effectiveness, streamlining quality management tasks, and improving scoring consistency.

Centralized management that supports enterprise-wide quality performance
Consistent quality data and evaluation results
Greater efficiency through a fast and precise evaluation process
Flexible evaluation planning, measurement, and analysis across all customer interaction channels (email, phone, web, chat)
Proven ROI benefits such as higher agent productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction

Streamline evaluation tasks

The Advise module helps you quickly and effectively assess quality-related performance activities so you can identify coaching opportunities sooner and improve the quality of your coaching efforts. By easily creating and modifying evaluations online, this workforce performance module eliminates paperwork and greatly reduces the manual steps needed to complete the evaluation process.

Advise makes the completion of evaluations simple and relevant to each type of transaction monitored using a variety of easy-to-use scoring and navigation features, including the following:

  • User-defined questions and scoring
  • Drop-down boxes, radio buttons, and edit boxes
  • Spell checking
  • Advanced scoring system
  • Non-applicable questions and non-scoring questions
  • Auto answer
  • Auto fail
  • Weighting
  • Form version control

Improve scoring consistency

Performance improvement requires fair and balanced reviews across all agents. Advise helps quality teams maintain consistency through a variety of tools. Online calibration reviews can supplement or reduce the need for traditional quality team calibration sessions among quality teams. Customized question and answer scoring tips help ensure the consistency of evaluation scores.

In addition to reviewing agents, evaluations can also be performed on quality teams or supervisors to help improve scoring or coaching techniques. Qfiniti enterprise analysis options are available to help you further review uniformity among evaluators with capabilities such as:

  • Scoring tips and guidelines
  • Online calibration
  • Quality team performance evaluation
  • Trending and analysis by evaluator

Perform root cause analysis

Customer and desktop recordings provide a wealth of information that you can use for agent performance improvement. But to gain measurable operational improvements, you must be able to find and use this recorded data. Tracking the right data can highlight the potential for significant cost savings.

With the Advise module, you can quickly track and analyze processes to help uncover the root cause of poor performance, productivity, and operations, with options that include:

  • Non-scoring questions
  • Multiple answer selections
  • Classifications
  • Question branching

Combined with OpenText Explore, you can perform speech analytics to automatically find and group related calls. From here, Advise enables you to uncover opportunities for more proactive improvement in your training program.

Enhance coaching and eLearning effectiveness

Advise enhances the ability of supervisors and managers to provide consistent and effective agent coaching. Embedded coaching comments and questions, linked to specific recordings, allow your coaches to tailor learning sessions to the needs of each agent. The self-evaluation options allow agents to review their own performance and reinforce supervisor coaching.

Relevant and specific eLearning modules can also be associated and assigned through OpenText Qfiniti’s Expert module for online agent coaching and training, which offers training modules that test the agent’s ability to recall and use information learned during in-person coaching sessions. Options include:

Rely on extensive analytical capabilities

Advise creates a single, centralized data repository for all quality-related information. This centralized data source supports sophisticated reporting and analysis and enables users to easily collect and distribute performance-related data throughout the enterprise. Drill-down capabilities provide a simplified view of behavioral, agent, group, and site trends so your users can easily identify training and coaching opportunities.

Simplify evaluation management

Advise delivers a fast and efficient way to manage quality assurance, allowing you to save time and improve the productivity of coaching sessions. The automated creation of play-lists from user-defined selection criteria increases the productivity of your evaluators by reducing the amount of time they will need to spend looking for recordings to score. Plan administrators can also track progress to completion and edit and/or reassign work, as required. Options include:

  • Automated evaluation scheduling and email notification
  • “Secret-shop” calibration calls into the playlists
  • Enhanced visibility of quality assurance across teams and managers

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