QPC Reveal


QPC Reveal

A unified dashboard giving access to real-time performance of your contact centre at an agent, manager, operational or C level

QPC Reveal gives the ultimate real-time visibility of business, operational and customer metrics within your contact centre so you can now link your business strategy with customer transformation and action.
Real-time operational visibility of the key metrics that drive operational effectiveness at all levels
Front-line employees empowered to understand and do something there and then rather than waiting for 5-7 days for the insight reports to tell us the same problem when it’s too late
Visibility of the performance of the outsource partners alongside our own in-house operations teams to manage their performance effectively
Enable central operations to monitor volume and capacity across the entire estate and make operational adjustments if certain operations were experiencing problems

QPC MIG intelligently collects and interrelates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from across your entire contact centre estate, into a single string of information revealing the detail of each and every customers’ journey. QPC Reveal makes this unique data available to the business to truly understand what is going on in your contact centre – not your inferred view but the truth. It then links this to business drivers so you can manage your customers in a way that drive performance.

If you are grappling with issues like this QPC Reveal is the solution:

  • How do I get a real time view of what is really happening in my contact centres?
  • How do I give the power of insight and predictive analytics to my operational management and agents?
  • What will an increase in customer servicing capability cost the business?
  • How do I invest in the right customer transformation initiatives that will drive both customers and business metrics?

What’s the problem?

Over recent years the rise of the importance of customer experience has provided organisations with a new dimension to contend with, the customer. The customer is playing a bigger and bigger role in strategy and is now realised as a key to driving organisation profitability. Customer service is now a key differentiator as 59% of customers would buy from a competitor as a result of poor customer experience. The challenge for organisations is balancing between customer, cost and revenue over both the long and short term.

Management are tasked with being more customer-centric without the tools to understand how to get the balance right. This leads an information and delivery gap between senior management and the front line of the organisation. A gap generated by a lack of understanding of how these dimensions interrelate and how they link to the strategic goals of the organisation.

Agents and Team Leaders are often the last to have access to customer satisfaction metrics but can impact the customer most. Instead they are driven by aggregated misguided metrics, like average handling time, in the pursuit of operational efficiency at the expense of the customer experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • The whole organisation understood which metrics are important and why?
  • The whole organisation used the same metrics from top to bottom?
  • Your operations had real-time dashboard view of performance which is linked to the important metrics to the organisation
  • The whole organisation knew what they need to focus on and had a tool to manage against?
  • Team leaders could manage by exception and just focus on the things that really matter?
  • There was an organisational mechanism to enable transformational change?

“The only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations. The 3D Data is the truth. The truth about the customer, and their journey. It’s everything, beyond averages. It’s the facts your customers and agents experience every day. From that you can turn it into whatever you want”

“Now with the QPC MIG data in a web view panel on the agents desktop we had the visibility of our operation capacity upstream, specifically real-time calls in queues and expected delay. Agents could then make a judgement instantly whether to pass a customer to another part of the operation. If there is a queue they can schedule a call back – saving valuable agent time. Only QPC MIG could get this data from our disparate technology across our entire contact centre estate. Its revolutionised the way we visualise our entire operation, right down the agent level.”

Head of Insight and Reporting at leading Telecoms provider

“When agents transfer a call they wait for 30 seconds to see if it gets answered upstream. This wasted significant amount of agent time. We knew there was a better solution. The visualisation of the data gives us the ability to spot problems, in the operation, diagnose them and test theoretically solutions quickly. In the past this would have taken a lot of analyst time. Now it’s instant. Previously we would be looking for problems but no idea where to start looking. Now we have a view of the whole operation and can focus in quickly.”

“Metrics like AHT that are common in contact centres give a very flat view of the world. So rather than just looking at what and when, 3D data gives you more insight. It gives you the why. Why certain types of calls vary.”

Senior Transformation project Manager at leading Telecoms provider

How it works?

QPC MIG data engine collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms like your ACD, CFR, IVR and CRM systems, in various formats. And it joins them, standardises them, and makes them available in our QPC Reveal dashboards. QPC Reveal is a real-time operational dashboard that uses the diagnostic power of the QPC MIG 3D data to truly understand holistically which operational metrics are biggest influences on customer experience, and vice versa.

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