QPC Select


QPC Select

System rules engine to dynamically react to what is really happening and deliver a tailored service

QPC Select enables your contact centre systems to make better ‘decisions’ to optimise the operational effectiveness of your contact centres.
Ability to identify and track repeat callers and proactively manage their experience to improve resolution and retention rates
Create real-time proactive care strategies that utilise all available contact history to guide and tailor the customers experience towards a more desirable outcome
Optimise contact centre efficiency and reduce the overall cost to serve customers

The QPC MIG data engine intelligently collects and interrelates, in real-time, all customer interactions, from across your entire contact centre ecosystem, into a single string of information revealing the detail of each and every customers’ journey. QPC Select then makes this data available to your existing technology platforms so they can better automate a response to best meet the need of the customer, maximising your investment in your contact centre technology.

If you are grappling with issues like this QPC Select is the solution:

  • How to route your customers to the right part of your operation to maximise first time resolution and customer experience?
  • How to optimise you investment in your contact centre technology stack?
  • How to maximise your contact centre efficiency and cost to serve?
  • How to reduce associate or self-generated outbound?

What’s the problem?

Customers increasingly expect high levels of service. With the latent data created by your customers’ interactions with your contact centre you should be able to use this to serve the customers’ better by better anticipating their needs. But often companies struggle to leverage this valuable asset to maximise the vast investment they have made in their contact centre technology.

Instead companies simply route calls based on matching call reason to agent skill hoping this solves the customer problem. However, by unlocking additional customer context such as their previous experiences and interactions you can predict customer wants and make your systems make different decisions as to what agent or operation should handle the call.

Wouldn’t it be great if?

  • You proactively intervened in a poor customer experience or journey to avoiding unnecessary effort and customer frustration
  • Your customer felt like they had received an enhanced personalised experience
  • You could match customer needs with agents needs more effectively with an outcome in mind, not just based on who is available next?
  • You could be more informative to the customer when they call, better sign post and route them to eliminate unnecessary demand?
“The vast majority of repeat callers’ phone us back with in 24hrs and to speak to us about the same thing they originally called us about. We built repeat caller using QPC Select. People get into sequences and we looked at the repeat patterns. We looked at the touch points customers created across our departments. Churn is a key issue and we were looking to proactively identify where customers were getting into negative spirals. By recognising repeat callers in QPC Select, in real-time, we could lift them up get them dealt with by experienced skill specialist Retention Team.”

“The solution worked at the IVR level, in real-time. We identified the customer by their CLI or account number. Collect it in real time and the call routing engine asked the question ‘is this a repeat caller?’ If it is, rather than send it on its way, we pick it up and send it to a specialist team, with other CRM information tagged to the call. For example if the segment they are in, so the specialist agent can tailor their approach. No other vendor can add this additional context to make available to the agent.”

Head of Insight and Reporting at leading Telecoms provider

How it works

QPC MIG data engine collects customer interaction data across multiple technology platforms, namely ACD, CFR, IVR and CRM systems, in various formats. It then joins them, standardises them, and makes them operationally actionable. This is the heart and brain of our QPC Advantage solutions suite. QPC Select then works directly with your ACD and Contact Routing Framework technologies in real-time, providing additional contextual information to the system. Informing it to make a different more intelligent decision based on a prescribed rules, triggers or desired outcomes.

“We utilise QPC Select detect repeat callers. These could be customers’ at risk of churning. QPC Select tracks customer contacts and determines if this a repeat caller? If it is, rather than send it on its way, we picked it up and sent it to a specialist team, with other CRM information tagged to the call. We have improved Resolve Rate by around 4%, improved retention by 3%”
Senior Transformation Project Manager at leading Telecoms provider

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