Teleopti WFM

Teleopti WFM

Teleopti WFM is the Workforce Management solution that encompasses everything needed to plan and successfully resource manage your contact centre. This feature-rich solution includes tools to manage your staff, accurately forecast demand, automatically schedule, report, and improve your operational performance! Teleopti WFM offers the flexibility needed to tailor your workforce management solution to meet your specific needs; including real-time tools, agent self-service, WFO integration, payroll integration and 3rd party add-on modules.

Powerful integrations to other solutions for statistics around forecasting, scheduling, monitoring and performance management.
Intraday Management
Stay in control of the day, and be ready to handle the unexpected. Proactively monitor and respond in real time
Employee Empowerment
Powerful tools to help your agents become active participants in the center´s staff scheduling by influencing day/time preferences, shift trades, time-off requests and more.
Whether you want to know what is needed over the next few hours, days, weeks or even next year, the Teleopti WFM forecasting tool has the answer.
Employee Competence Development
Unique and powerful performance optimization solutions. Pinpoint and replicate employee skills, knowledge and attributes.
Third Party Applications
Teleopti WFM includes a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) with every installation allowing other applications to interact with the rich functionality of Teleopti WFM.
Scheduling & Optimization
Balance operational efficiency, customer service and employee satisfaction with powerful and flexible scheduling and optimization tools.
Reports & Business Intelligence
A full suite of standard reports as well as powerful, easy-to-use customised reports, covering all your needs.
Motivate your employees with a fun, game-like competition that rewards high, measurable performance
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Game Changers

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vidMobility & Engagement for Contact Centres
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Forecast Flexibility

Teleopti WFM offers you one of the most powerful forecasting tools on the market. You choose the timescale. Whether you want to know what is needed over the next few hours or next year – you’ll receive an accurate, well-informed answer.

That means you can take seasonal variations, market trends, campaign periods and other long-range factors into consideration in your planning.

And it’s just as easy to optimise the next five-minute period. Teleopti WFM operates together with your contact centre solution to provide you with historical data broken down into appropriate interval lengths, e.g. telephone calls, e-mails and chat sessions, as well as face-to-face interaction.

Schedule Optimisation Adaptability

The Teleopti WFM schedule process considers agents’ individual skill profiles, work schedules, and their preferences regarding working hours. You’ll also find that the optimisation function has unique features. No other solution on the market considers all your variables as efficiently as part of the scheduling process. As a result your schedules will consistently meet your customer’s demand. Optimisation remains accurate whether you are scheduling for a short interval on the same day or for longer periods weeks or months in advance.

Agent Empowerment in Resource Management Process

Teleopti WFM makes it easy for agents to trade shifts and enter holiday requests. Each agent can also request a personal work schedule, that suits their lifestyle.

When optimising, Teleopti WFM takes the agents’ preferences into consideration wherever possible within the framework of target service levels set by you. If everyone’s preferences cannot be accommodated, the less popular shifts are distributed fairly among the agents.

Integrate With Other Solutions

To realise the benefits of a workforce management system it is essential that it can fit easily into your existing IT infrastructure. Teleopti WFM has been designed to integrate easily with other platforms.

Included as standard is a development tool which allows you to integrate Teleopti WFM into almost any IT environment. For example you can integrate Teleopti WFM with your payroll system, or with a centralised agent details register to avoid repetitive data-entry and maintain data-integrity.

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