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QPC’s mission is to be our customer’s partner of choice for contact centre solutions by understanding their challenges, and responding to those challenges with empowering education and dependable, innovative technology. Our focus is on consultative delivery of solutions unique to contact centres to ensure seamless integration of these highly interdependent aspects of your organisation.

Multi-Channel Analytics

QPC offer a range of services and products that take the guess work out of understanding what motivates your customers, and empower you to use those insights to drive increases in customer satisfaction, customer sales, customer retention, and reduce contact centre operational costs.
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Customer Journey Analytics

Visualise the customer journey for every interaction and touchpoint across your organisation and objectively measure the effort for the customer in contacting your organisation for 100% of interactions in real-time, providing unparalleled understanding of what you need to do operationally and where to improve customer experience.
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Customer Experience Management

Learn how to deliver the most value at each customer touch point and improve customer experience, by delivering the right message at the right time. Customer Experience Management is best defined by Gartner “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.”
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Workforce Optimisation

QPC has a long and successful history of delivering best of breed workforce management systems, and the training and consultancy needed to ensure organisations can leverage the customer service and operational efficiency benefits workforce management principles and automated workforce management systems can deliver.
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Intraday Automation Solutions

Intraday Automation allows you to easily adjust your frontline staff to meet customer demand. Trigger and actions combine to redirect people in real-time. These triggers and actions are rules that generate immediate repose to unpredictable events and rapidly changing conditions. As a result, your employees are always prepared and always productive.
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Voice & Multimedia Platforms

The technical backbone of any contact centre, QPC specialises in the delivery and support of the Customer interaction Centre and Interactive Voice Response by Interactive Intelligence, offering the flexibility and expertise this unified communications suite offers as either a cloud or premise based solution.
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Performance Management

QPC technical products effectively capture and present contact centre performance data. Our consulting and education services can help you to establish necessary performance management frameworks, and train staff to effectively use these frameworks, creating a high performance contact centre culture that effectively strives to achieve your organisation’s strategic goals.
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Quality Management

QPC quality management services and products establish customer interaction standards, and ensure they are practiced throughout your contact centre regardless of the channel by which your customers make contact. Our contact centre quality management products can also meet your regulatory and compliance needs when bulk recording of interactions are mandatory.
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Hosting & Cloud

QPC offer a range of solutions available in either hosted or cloud deployment options, to provide customers with fast, reliable and scalable solutions. Safe, affordable and flexible hosted and cloud services will enable you to take advantage of high quality enterprise services.

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QPC offer a number of solutions advanced real-time management information systems to enhance the capabilities of your current ACD and routing platforms. These solutions are designed to enable more efficient and effective management of your contact centre.

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Consultancy & Education

QPC offer a wide range of contact centre consulting and education services to empower your contact centre to meet it’s operational, tactical, and strategic customer service challenges. Flexible, adaptive, and scalable; you’ll find a QPC consulting or education solution that’s a perfect fit for your organisation.

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