Consultancy and Education

Translating your organisation’s corporate strategy into a fully functioning and effective Customer Interaction Strategy is a challenging, but necessary task to ensure your contact centre’s success is not being left to chance. Contact centre consultancy and education delivered by industry experts offers the opportunity to share the load and pressure of implementing a Customer Interaction Strategy, and bring a fresh perspective and wealth of experience to the complex challenges faced by your contact centre.

QPC Consulting Customer Interaction Strategy

Your Customer Interaction Strategy describes the means and manner by which your contact centre interacts with customers. Ultimately, this strategy determines what you need from your contact centre people, processes, and technology.

QPC Consulting offers the opportunity to cooperatively create a Customer Interaction Strategy that clearly defines your contact centre’s purpose, establishes the roadmap to strategic success, and achieves the strategic congruence necessary to ensure your contact centre receives the full support of the wider organisation.

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QPC Consulting Contact Centre Support

You’ve deployed the systems, and hired the staff, yet still you’re not achieving the business benefits promised!

When you get it right, Performance Management, Quality Management, and Resource Management can dramatically transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your contact centre.

QPC Consulting can help align your support systems, processes, and staff knowledge and skills to ensure these essential contact centre functions deliver the benefits you need.

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Contact Centre Consulting

QPC welcomes the opportunity to consult, to cooperatively and objectively assess challenges, explore new possibilities, and ultimately empower your organisation to make the choices you intuitively know you must make.

Contact Centre Education:

QPC understands how important it is for organisations that their contact centre staff are organised and effective, which is why we provide top of the range training solutions.
A wide range of courses are available in either a class environment with industry peers, or on your own premises.


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