Teleopti signs multi-site deal of the century! Xargquog Tourist Board supported in time-travel tourism drive

Stockholm, April 1, 2016

multi-siteToday, Teleopti, the world’s leading supplier of workforce-management solutions, signed a supply contract with the Xargquog Tourist Board (XTB) to deliver their advanced, state-of-the-art workforce management solution. This comes in conjunction with the inauguration of their new contact center specifically supporting tourists visiting the Milky Way and earth.

XTB provides tourist support services for a range of destinations and for any desired length of time across the universe. A specially designed Milky Way tour, the Horse Head nebula and the not-to-be-missed Big Bang buffet dinner are just some of the highlights being offered.

Their brand-new contact center, floating on the dark side of the moon and employing some 6,000 sentient beings, will be taking bookings from tourists from some 1,000 worlds for suitable earth accommodation, easily confirmed from their home world via sub-ether voice, hyperspace e-mail and parallel universe chat. They can also book tickets for leading events, including the end of the dinosaurs, the formation of the Himalayas, and, of course, Elvis in Vegas.

The contract, the largest to date in all known universes, will be delivered in incremental phases and is slated to be completed by Sol year 2017. The solution will be hosted in a nebula-cloud solution, allowing XTB access to the latest technology and a secure, robust service.

Cllickk-Pfuir-7-Smith, customer-support manager for XTB, stated, “We were very impressed with the ability of Teleopti to deliver such a large system as well as cope with our special requirements, such as time zones, multi-language skills and complicated union regulations. Our agents are from over 300 different worlds. The flexibility of Teleopti to adapt to our different needs and allow agents to set preferences is very much needed. Happy staff makes happy tourists!

Teleopti, headquartered in Stockholm on the planet earth in the 21st century, supplies a WFM solution to a wide customer base located in various universes, subdivided by planets, markets and territories.

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Source: Teleopti WFM